Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary review

Hello mates!

As you may have noticed, I’m a cinema addict! Indeed, I go to the movies as soon as I get the chance. So yesterday night I watched Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary in the original version. No, I don’t understand Japanese but I find this language so beautiful! Hopefully there were French subtitles not to get lost. Here is my review…

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary is a Japanese animated film in computer graphics realized by Keiichi Sato and produced by the studio Toei Animation. This is an adaptation of the manga Saint Seiya which was very successful in the eighties. The movie came out in France on the 25th of February 2015, yes it was yesterday, I don’t waste time! Notice to the purists: the film is a reboot of the TV series and it is focusing on the battle against the Gold Saints (“saint” is the word for “knight”). So don’t expect them to respect the 114 episods of the series!

For those who are not familiar with Saint Seiya, let me summarize the plot of the movie. At the beginning, there was a goddess responsible for protecting the Earth. Her name was Athena and she was the guardian of the equilibrium. When her life was threatened, she had to hide from evil forces and change appearance. A battle happened between the Gemini Saints, Aiolos and Saga. Aiolos was trying to protect Athena whereas Saga wanted to kill her. During an expedition, a man called Mitsumasa found Aiolos agonizing and Athena in the form of a baby. Aiolos asked Mitsumasa to raise the baby and protect her until her protectors come. He will have to wait for 16 years. 16 years later, Mitsumasa is dead and Athena aka Saori Kido is a teenager who has no idea of her true identity. On the way to the airport, her car is attacked by villains sent by the Pope and 4 Bronze Saints appear to protect her and reveal her the truth.


They are the Zodiac Saints: Seiya (Bronze Saint of Pegasus), Hyoga (Bronze Saint of Swan), Shiryu (Bronze Saint of Dragon) and Shun (Bronze Saint of Andromeda). An usurper reigns instead of Athena. In order to save their goddess and the future of the Earth, the Zodiac Saints will have to reach the Sanctuary of the Pope and face his legendary army of 12 Golden Saints. They will have to fight step by step, house by house, to achieve their mission…

I barely know the original series of Saint Seiya, I just watched few episods when I was a kid so I’m not qualified to make a comparison between the series and the movie.

The film only lasts 93 minutes: it’s very short so many elements of the original Saint Seiya were not taken in account. However, to my mind the movie is well paced, the fight scenes are highly colorful, explosive and spectacular, it’s like being in a video game! The main characters look younger than in the original series, they are also more modern and funny. I think the director wanted to give them a new identity, more adapted to attract young people.


I can understand if the fans of the original Saint Seiya are a bit disappointed but don’t forget that this movie is a reboot. The purpose was not to make a faithful adaptation but to give a new angle of the Zodiac Saints which is rather successful. Maybe the film would have been even better if it had lasted longer!

The odd moment: the scene where a Golden Saint sings strangely sounds like a Disney movie! This is the only other complaint I have to make.

Otherwise, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary is a good entertainment and the Japanese voices are awesome! Go for it!


If you wanna share your opinion about the movie or the series, feel free to comment. Enjoy 🙂


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