How to organize a “Come Dine With Me” party ! :)

Hello budding cooks!

Week-end is here, finally! It’s the occasion to invite your friends for dinner by organizing a cooking contest in the style of the TV show Come Dine With Me! Here are 10 tips for an almost perfect dinner. Let’s go to the kitchen!

1. Book several Saturday nights! As you know, there will be several rounds, it’s the principle of every contest. Go first to show your guests how to proceed. Saturday sounds good because you will have all day to prepare everything! saturday night 2. Find the theme of the evening! Classy, romantic, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, American, monochrome…the list goes on, you choose! Think carefully, pick a theme, announce it to your friends the day before and stick to it. Remember, there is no turning back, good luck! surprise-dinner 3. Create your menu! This is one of my favourite parts because this will determine the whole procedure. It’s very exciting to find new ideas and original names for the dishes, my brain is on high speed mode! To prove you my good faith, here is the menu I would elaborate for a green dinner theme: “Concentrate of kryptonite” (orange-banana-kiwi smoothie) as an aperitif, “Hulk’s canapés” (mix of avocado, lime, fresh cheese and Cayenne pepper spread on toasted pistaccio bread) as a starter, “Martian pasta” (green tagliatelles with spinach and walnuts Saint-Jacques) as a main, and “Shrek delight” (green tea cake with a scoop of pistaccio ice cream) for dessert. todays-specials-chalkboard 4. Find animations related to the theme! If we keep the green dinner theme, I would put on music of Smallville series, Shrek and Hulk soundtracks. I would also organize an Irish dance session or a game of musical chairs with traditional Irish music. Never mind if Saint-Patrick’s Day is already over! dinner party songs 5. Decorate your table according to the theme! To respect the previous theme, I would set my table with green accessories: tablecloth, candles, plates, glasses, clovers, green plants… I would also add posters of Shrek and Hulk plus green garlands on the walls, green bulbs and a green carpet on the floor. You got it, just adapt yourself! green table 6. Treat the presentation of your dishes! And don’t forget the drinks! Here’s an eclectic selection of nice presentations to give you some ideas. But the best is to use your own creativity, be original and surprise your guests! coccinelles tomates bento totoro italian dinner Palmiers-de-fruits profiterole sangria 7. Think about a prize for the winner! A dinner for two in a gastronomic restaurant, a gourmet basket, a box with a small gift from each participant…it all depends on your budget! Not to break the bank, choose the prize together in advance and divide the bill by the number of participants. Are you ready to win? you won wonderbox panier gourmand gift 8. Get ready! It’s great to prepare a sumptuous dinner but you have to serve it with an outfit that goes with it. So please dress up! It is out of question to receive your guests with your jogging and slippers! It would spoil the magic of the concept. Play the game until the end! For the green dinner theme, an emerald dress will be perfect for you girls. Guys, don’t hesitate to disguise yourselves, it could be fun! suit up robin 9. Ask your guests to rate you on the basis of 3 criterias! Decoration of the table and of the dining room, atmosphere and entertainment, and dinner (originality, difficulty and taste). The competition will be tough, do your best! notes 10. Designate the next candidate for the following week! Draw by lot, it’s simpler. Your mates should better be motivated! Isn’t that thrilling? your turn Now you have all the ingredients to start your own “Come Dine With Me” party! Hope these 10 tips will allow you to have an awesome time. Cook well! 🙂


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