How to organize a huge metro party ! :D

Hello world!

Week-end is here, it’s time to party! What about a metro party? I made one last year and it was fabulous! Parisian are creative people who know how to have fun. Here are my tips to organize an awesome metro party at home. Get ready!

1. Metro is part of Parisian culture. All occasions are good to have a metro party! Just fix a date with your friends! Saturday night sounds great, like this people will have time to prepare themselves…


2. Metro party is a very funny theme where each guest must dress up as a metro station. Yes, because in case you would not have understood, who says theme party says disguises! So invite only cool people who are ready to have a ball!

disguises3. Find inspiration in a metro map! The possibilities of disguises are limitless!


4. The allusion to the metro station can be subtle or obvious, it’s up to you! Just know that Parisian love to play with words! Here is a selection of disguises…





5. Tell your guests not to announce in what they will dress up in advance. It’s better to keep the surprise effect and to make them guess the different disguises.

who am I

6. For those who have a taste for competition, you can even organize a contest of the best metro station costume to reward the most original or creative guest! Are you ready to take the challenge?


7. Decorate your flat with big metro maps! They are available at the ticket offices. You can also use Metronews newspaper as a tablecloth! Don’t hesitate to put used metro tickets on the table to complete the theme!

plan metro

8. Prepare a metro theme buffet! Yep, Parisian don’t do things by half! Parmentier minced (for Parmentier station) and Opera cake (for Opéra station) are the best known. I also thought about Saint-Michel galettes for Saint-Michel Notre-Dame station (nothing to prepare, just buy a bag of Saint-Michel biscuits), a tricolor green-white-red salad (lettuce, mozarella and tomato) for Place d’Italie station, a Toblerone pyramid for Pyramides station, madeleines (nature, lemon or chocolate taste) for Madeleine station, the list goes on. Use your creativity and your imagination!

Buffet Soirée Métro

9. Choose a proper playlist! Put French retro songs of Edith Piaf (“La vie en rose”), Joe Dassin (“Les Champs-Elysées”), Charles Trénet (“Douce France”) and so on. The soundtrack of Amélie movie can be nice as well!

la vie en rose

10. Have fun! What about organizing a metro quizz in the way of the Time’s up! game? The most important is to enjoy the moment!

metro quizz

Hope these tips will allow you to have an amazing metro party! If you wanna share your own tips, the comment field is yours. Enjoy! 😀


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