How to be environmentally aware!

Hello green mates!

Today is International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer! It’s an opportunity to make more efforts to protect our planet every day. So here are 9 tips to help you be more environmentally aware, enjoy!

1. Save water at home! Don’t let the water run when you do the dishes or brush your teeth, take quick showers, repair water leaks, use devices that save water such as an ecological dishwasher, and let the rain water your lawn!

save water2. Use less chemicals! Prefer natural products whether to do housework, wash yourself or do gardening. They are less polluting!


3. Never pour dangerous materials in pipelines or on the lawn! I mean painting, motor oil, ammonia or other strong solvents. Please bring them to a recycling center or a waste collection.


4. Save electricity at home! Turn off the light when you leave a room, don’t overheat your home, don’t overuse the air conditioning, turn off and unplug your electronic devices when you don’t use them, and use energy-saving bulbs!


5. Use public transportation or bike instead of the car! You will reduce the risks of pollution. Walk when you can and use the carpool system if car is your only way to go to work…


6. Buy local products! Like this, you will support your local producers and limit the emissions of carbon dioxide.

lovelocal7. Try growing your own fruits and vegetables! If you have a garden or a vegetable garden, you will make savings and they will taste better!

home grown food

8. Limit your amount of garbage! Buy products which are the least packed possible, reuse your plastic and glass containers and avoid any prepared food industry, cook yourself!


9. Feel free to join an association that campaigns for environmental protection! It will allow you to meet people who share the same ecological values and do actions on a larger scale…

think green

Hope these 9 tips will allow you to be more environmentally aware. Don’t hesitate to share your own tips in the comment field. Have a happy International Ozone Day! 🙂


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