Enjoy life :)

Hello budding poets!

Today I would like to write a poem on the little pleasures of life, enjoy reading!

enjoy your life

Enjoy life…

Smile to life and life will smile to you,

Enjoy the moment and the present instant,

Don’t remain anchored to the past, focus now on the new.

Say goodbye to black and white, say hello to new pigments.

We have only one life,

Do not waste it with regrets,

There is nothing worse than strife,

Try to learn to forgive, I know you can take the bet.

Do not wait for the perfect time,

Passing time can’t be caught up,

Missing out on your life would be a crime,

Stop vegetating and wake up!

The slightest things can make you happy: the sun shining or a bright blue sky,

A smile, a song or a nice meal,

Some good news and you want to fly,

That means enjoying life for real.

Be grateful for what life brings to you,

What seems granted may disappear,

So while you can, enjoy the view,

Every celebration deserves to cheer…

thanks 6

Hope you enjoyed this poem 🙂

Note to my readers: I won’t be able to write for a week. Thank you for your support, I’ll see you on June 24. Cheers 🙂


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