One day…

Dear readers,

I am ready to blog again! Here is a new poem, enjoy reading!

one day 2

One day…

One day, current worries will seem trivial to you,

All your dark areas will become blue,

Obstacles make us grow,

Look above then look below.

One day you will achieve your dreams,

In one way or another, you’ll find the means,

Your efforts will be rewarded,

You will forget the sordid.

One day, you will become the person you want,

There is no need for magic wand,

Through perseverance, courage and determination,

You will become a champion.

One day, you will stop being afraid,

One day, all your nightmares will fade,

You will know no more pain,

You’ll be able to break your chains.

One day, you will know happiness,

You’ll say goodbye to sadness,

Love will be stronger than everything

And there will be no more suffering.

thanks 9

Hope you enjoyed this poem. See you tomorrow 🙂

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