I saw « Muse: Drones World Tour » at the Géode in Paris!

Hello world!

Yesterday night, Muse: Drones World Tour was broadcast exceptionally in several cinemas in France and as a fervent fan of Muse, I could not miss this great event!

I went to the Géode with my favourite Muse concert buddy and we had a blast! We had already been at the Muse concerts in 2013 (Stade de France) and 2016 (Bercy Arena) and we saw the Live at Rome Olympic Stadium at the Géode five years ago, so yesterday was the logical continuation of our Muse journey!


The images of this fim-concert from the 2015-2016 Drones World Tour were shot during several shows. The band had performed 130 concerts all over the world , can you imagine? This is so huge!

Muse is known for going beyond the limits of scenic production and this film-concert confirms it! The band plays on a central stage with extraordinary sound, design, staging and special effects that take us on a 360 degree sensory experience beautifully broadcast on giant screen… Even sitting in our movie chair, we really felt like we were attending the real concert! I even saw a girl get up and jump as if she was in the pit, lol 😂

As a good supporter, I was wearing a Muse tee-shirt and I was not the only one to show my admiration for the band. Go Muse! 😎💪

According to me, it’s on stage that Muse’s music is the best. Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dom Howard are real showmen. Their passion, energy and enthusiasm are contagious and the results are amazing! Matt is a supermodel of music, considering his exceptional vocal performances or his prowess on guitar or piano. Plus, he has an incredible stage presence and a powerful charisma, it seemed like the audience adored a god, seriously 😲🤩

It was so good to hear, to feel and to live Muse again, each song was welcomed as a gift. PsychoMadness, Supermassive Black Hole, HysteriaTime Is Running Out, Uprising, Mercy, Dead InsideStarlight, Knights Of Cydonia… I loved them all 😍 Thank you Muse, it was an awesome show, can’t wait for the next one! 😉






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