Short story number 44 : “It is never too late…” (Part 3)

Hello everybody!

Here is the third part of my forty-fourth short story, enjoy reading!

It is never too late…

we can still do anything.jpg

Kelly kept her promise. The next afternoon, she came to Eléa’s place to introduce her to Instagram. Eléa prepared some recipe samples for her friend and they decided to highlight the following magic pastries: unicorn cookies, Lord Of The Rings donuts, Harry Potter macaroons and Wonderland cupcakes. 

-“Oh my god, El’, you are a real pastry fairy! Congratulations, you did an amazing job. 

– I wouldn’t have succeeded without your help. Thank you so much, Kelly!

– My pleasure… Oh, look at your Instagram pics! It’s only been ten minutes since we posted them and they are already popular! And you already have new followers… See, you just have to take the pictures from the right perspective, choose the right filter and the relevant hashtags, it’s not very complicated!

– It’s a smasher! I didn’t think it would buzz so quickly, thank you, thank you, thank you!

– You’re welcome. And now that you understand how it works, don’t relax your efforts. You have to post regularly if you don’t want people to forget you. And think about relaying your Instagram pics on Facebook to increase your visibility, it must become an automatic reflex!

– I got it, thank you, Kel’! 

– Awesome! Now we will move to the blogging stage! You’ll see, WordPress is very easy to use…”

After careful consideration, Eléa decided to call her blog “Magic to drink and munch” to be able to offer both drinks and pastries to her future customers. Kelly was right: once you have chosen your theme and your widgets, the use of WordPress is very easy. The hard part would be to find attractive and original recipes to post regularly but the challenge no longer frightened Eléa. She would do anything to carry out her project!

She had decided to take the time to do things right. She had to make sure she had a large community of followers on the Internet before she could present her business plan to the bank. It would take a few more months to mature her project and Eléa also wanted to convince someone to partner with her because starting alone in a business was risky, she needed a right-hand man. 

Kelly had to focus on her writing career. Her friends who had already a stable job did not want to risk losing everything so Eléa had to expand her network and connect with entrepreneurial enthusiasts. The task would not be easy but Eléa was determined. She was ready to fight for the future she wanted!…


To be continued




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