10 panda memes to make you smile!

Hello panda fans!

Here is a selection of 10 panda memes to make you smile, enjoy!

1. This is how girls feel without makeup!

mascara panda.jpg

2. When studying is too tiring…

panda tired of studying.jpg

3. When you realize that being a vegetarian does not necessarily make you thinner…

fat panda_bamboo.png

4. Kidnapping a baby panda is a breeze!

how to steal a baby panda.jpg

5. When love makes you lose your appetite…

I love you better than bamboo.jpg

6. When you try to replay a cult scene from Titanic

draw me_Titanic panda.jpg

7. When your passion for Star Wars goes to far…

darth panda.png

8. You, after eating too much…

panda trying to sit up.png

9. When you have not done gymnastics for too long…

panda stuck.jpg

10. When you are obsessed with your job…

workaholic panda.jpg


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