ABC of my qualities!

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to make an ABC of my qualities. It’s a great exercise to identify your strengths and regain self-confidence, enjoy!

you are worth it.jpg

A like…Attentive! When I buy a gift for a friend or family member, I try to make it fit their taste or personality. When I invite my friends to celebrate my birthday, I always prepare a homemade buffet, and during my cocktail dinners, I try to make sure to propose things they like.

B like…Brave! I am not brave in all areas but I have already shown courage by neutralizing spiders or cockroaches while it’s almost a phobia for me! And I did not hesitate to have a jaw surgery last year despite the post-operative risks because I wanted to give myself every chance of having a functional and healthy jaw…

C like…Conscientious! When I am entrusted with a mission, I always strive to do my job well, respecting instructions and deadlines. Or when I apply a cooking recipe, I do not skip any step!

D like…Determined! When a project is important to me, I do everything to achieve it. This blog is a nice proof of my determination. It’s been three years since this beautiful personal project exists. Another example: I wanted to get my Google Digital Active Certification as quickly as possible and two days of hard work were enough to succeed!

E like…Easygoing! In general, my trips with friends go well because I am not difficult, I adapt easily and I am rarely capricious. I have very little allergies, I am almost never sick and I eat almost everything!

F like…Forgiving! I don’t like grudge. Of course, I sometimes feel resentment but I make sure that it doesn’t last too long. I learned to forgive people who hurt me in the past. This is the only way to move forward in life! It’s not easy but it can be learned.

G like…Generous! When I organize a dinner at home, I’m not stingy in spending. The important thing is to be able to offer a quality meal to my guests, it’s a sign of friendship and respect. At Christmas, I’m unable to offer only one gift to every member of my family, I love giving gifts, it makes me happy.

H like…Helpful! I rarely say no when I’m asked for help. I have always been like that at school or work… And when friends invite me to their place, I always offer my help in the kitchen or just to clear the table. I think I would be ashamed to sit and do nothing!

I like…Intelligent! I do not pretend to know everything, it would be presumptuous of me, but I think that my diplomas and certifications are proof that I am not stupid. When I lack knowledge and I want to progress, I don’t hesitate to follow a training and I rarely fail if I worked hard…

J like…Judicious! I have a rational mind, I think before acting and my perceptions are rarely skewed.

K like…Kind! I am not a bad person. It may sound naive but it remains a quality. I do not see the point of harming people… I don’t hesitate to compliment people when it’s deserved, it’s important to focus on the positive.

L like…Loyal! I do not betray my friends or my family and I do my best to be there for them.

M like…Mannerly! I think it’s the very essence of savoir-vivre. I do not even have to force myself, it’s natural. We learn to be well raised since childhood but it remains an indispensable qualiy!

N like…Neat! It’s like being mannerly, it’s a matter of respect for yourself and for others. I hate having a neglected appearance…

O like…Organized! I have basically developed this quality at school and at work. I like making to-do lists and it’s a pleasure to bar the tasks accomplished. I also like to finish my projects with a margin of lead time to make changes if necessary. Being organized is essential if you work for multiple clients and projects at the same time! And when I go on vacation, I always pack my bags two days before departure to avoid stress and the rush of last minute, it’s just common sense!

P like…Punctual! I hate to keep people waiting so I always arrive on time or a little in advance when I see them. Again, being punctual is a sign of respect for others, it’s a matter of good manners!

Q like…Quick learner! I have always been totally involved in my studies and attentive in class to save time. And when I join a new company, I adapt as quickly as possible! This is how you become an effective collaborator.

R like…Reliable! I have always been serious and involved in the tasks that were entrusted to me. And at school, people relied on me to know all important information…

S like…Studious! My long studies can testify. I have a Marketing-Communication Master’s degree, a web copywriter diploma, a web project manager diploma and the Google Digital Active certification. That’s a lot but it proves that I’m not afraid to learn new things and validate my skills…

T like…Tolerant! I am open to the world and to different cultures. That’s why I love traveling! I also respect people who have different opinions. Being open-minded is very important to me.

U like…Understanding! It goes hand in hand with tolerance. Being understanding facilitates communication and relationships with people. Understanding is the sister of empathy. This is a significant human quality!

V like…Vigorous! I am full of vitality and energy.  I do not get tired easily!

W like…Writer in the core! Writing is undoubtedly my greatest passion. Poems, short stories, movie reviews, travel stories, cooking recipes, tips or whatever, my fields of action are varied… In the professional field, I loved writing the product sheets of travel deals!

X like…Xenophile! I have a dual French and Vietnamese culture and it matches my taste for traveling. And I have also lived in England for a year (Erasmus exchange and internship). The different cultures of the world are fascinating!

Y like…Youth! Youth is above all a state of mind. Keeping your inner child allows you to have a more creative perception of the world and gives you wings to realize your dreams!

Z like…Zealous! I think we have to do things with conscience and passion. It’s very important, both in personal and professional life…





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