Start 2018 serenely by listing positives!

Hello world!

We put 2017 in the closet, a brand new year awaits us! How to approach 2018 without stress? Just start by making a list of positives! Here is my list, enjoy!

1. Winter sales are coming soon! In Paris, sales are scheduled from January 10 to February 20, 2018. Shopping, even if you don’t buy many items, releases endorphins which are the hormones of happiness and well-being…

soldes d'hiver.jpg

2. I’m already invited to several birthdays in January and February! Festive reunions with friends are the best.

birthday celebrations.jpg

3. Asian New Year is coming in mid-February! It’s nice to celebrate New Year twice. Friends, family, good food, good mood and New Year gifts, what more could you ask for?

têt 2018.png

4. It’s always the raclette season! A warm and friendly meal perfect to face the cold…

raclette 2.jpg

5. Sunday, January 7th is the Epiphany Day! This is an opportunity to feast with a good Galette des Rois filled with frangipane, yum! And if you get the fève, it means that you will be lucky this year. Don’t worry, in general, all pretexts are good to eat galette in January. So you will have several chances to become king or queen…


6. There are often good films programmed in cinemas at the beginning of the year! I can’t wait to see The Greatest Showman with the awesome Hugh Jackman…

the greatest showman_affiche.jpg

7. The calendar of interesting holidays in France! Easter Monday is Monday, April 2nd, Labour Day is Tuesday, May 1st, Victory Day is Tuesday, May 8, Ascension Day is Thursday, May 10, Assumption Day is Wednesday, August 15, All Saints Day is Thursday, November 1st and Christmas is Tuesday, December 25th (ok, this one is universal but it still matters!). Knowing all that already allows you to dream of long weekends…

jours fériés 2018.jpg

8. In late February, early March, my face will have its final form! For those who don’t know, I had a jaw surgery in October 2017 and the surgeon told me I had to wait 4 months to be fully recovered. Anyway, I’m already happy with my current face. The most important thing is to have no more deformation of the jaw…

i'm going to be ok.jpg

9. I hope the orthodontist will remove my braces by the end of the year! I started to wear braces in September 2016. Even though I got used to it and the braces are transparent, sometimes I feel like a teenager…  And it’s still annoying to wear braces when I eat outside. I must have a toothbrush and an interdental brush in my bag at all times!

hey girl braces.jpg

10. I hope I will eventually find a permanent contract! I’m done with studies and I really need to work…

keep calm you will find a job

Stay confident and 2018 will be awesome! 😉


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