10 New Year’s resolutions I can keep!

Hello everybody!

I hope you celebrated the arrival of 2018 properly and that happiness will be with you this year! Who says new year says new resolutions… So as not to fall into the trap of impossible resolutions, I decided to make realistic and enjoyable projects that I am sure to achieve!

1. Visiting Yuan Meng, the awesome baby panda at ZooParc de Beauval! I made 7 hour round trip in one day to see Huan Huan and Yuan Zi last year so I know I can do it again! I would travel to the ends of the earth if I had to because pandas are worth it…

yuan meng 2

2. Going to concerts! I already have my ticket to see Ed Sheeran at the Stade de France in July and some of my friends always have suggestions for musical events to share…

ed sheeran stade de france 2018.jpg

3. Keep blogging! How to survive in Paris will turn 3 in February so it is going the distance… I have never invested myself so much in a project, this blog is my personal pride.

keep calm and blog on 2.jpg

4. Keep travelling! Every year, I know I can count on my parents and my travel buddy for that. Traveling is living…

all you need is a destination

5. Keep playing sports! I managed to do one hour of cycling on New Year’s Day so nothing is impossible. If I can get back to running and swimming too, it will be even better!

keep calm do sport

6. Keep reading! I started to read Harry Potter And The Cursed Child during my trip to Lille. It allowed me to rediscover the pleasure of reading in English! And I also received two other novels by Sophie Kinsella and Guillaume Musso for Christmas. It’s a very good start…

harry potter and the cursed child.jpg

7. Organizing a new theme party! It has become a tradition to celebrate my birthday. I love to be creative in cooking, decorating, choosing the playlist and my party outfit…

keep calm theme party.png

8. Keep going to the cinema! It’s easy when you have an unlimited cinema subscription, I go to the movies at least once a week… At the same time, it allows me to broaden my cinematographic horizons and I have the opportunity to discover new kinds of films.

ugc illimité.png

9. Keep singing and playing the guitar! After my jaw surgery in October last year, I did not dare to sing because I was afraid to hurt myself. Now I feel much better so I can get back to singing, it’s essential to my personal well-being… I already started arranging a medley from Ed Sheeran’s latest album, I just need to practice!

girl guitar 4.jpg

10. Keep discovering new bars and restaurants! It’s always a pleasure and my friends will be delighted to help me!

no entry.jpg

It all seems pretty good, no? And you, what are your resolutions for the year? 🙂



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