Good things that happened to me in 2017!

Hello everyone!

The end of the year is very close so I decided to take stock of the good things that happened to me in 2017 to finish the year on an optimistic note!

1. I went to Vietnam and Singapore! It had been a long time since I had traveled to Asia.  It allowed me to see members of my family and visit wonderful places…



2. I invested in a scooter! It’s very convenient and pleasant to ride a scooter in Paris, it gives you a real feeling of freedom!


3. I saw real pandas for the first time of my life at ZooParc de Beauval! Needless to say it was an unforgettable event…  It will be even more perfect when I come back in 2018 to see baby Yuan Meng!


4. I got my web project manager diploma! My 15 months of training and hard work paid off… I have nothing more to prove in studies.


5. My jaw surgery went well! I survived a long and painful recovery, and now I can smile and eat everything I want again!


6. I motivated myself to play sport again! My exercise bike is no longer used as a coat rack and it feels good!


7. I blog every day since October 26, 2017! It’s a passion that is important to me and I will continue as long as I can…


8. I had an awesome Christmas! With family, good food, joy and thoughtful gifts!


Everything is not so bad and I will do my best to finish the year well 😊


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