My review of “Jalouse” or how to survive with pathological jealousy!

Hello movie fans!

Today I decided to watch Jalouse and I was not disappointed with the result. Here is my review of this sparkling film full of life, enjoy!


Jalouse is a French comedy directed by David and Stéphane Foenkinos with Karin Viard, Anne Dorval, Thibault de Montalembert, Anaïs Demoustier, Dara Tombroff, Corentin Fila, Bruno Todeschini and Marie-Julie Baup. The film was relased today so I was lucky to see it in the best room of my usual cinema!

What’s the story?

Nathalie, a divorced French professor, transforms herself overnight from a caring mother to a woman plagued by pathological jealousy. If her first target is her lovely 18-year-old daughter Mathilde, a classical dancer emeritus, her field of action soon spreads to her friends, colleagues and even her neighborhood… Between squaky comedy and psychological suspense, here is the unexpected flickering of a woman.

Jalouse is a film full of humanity, emotions, realism, poetry and comical situations. It portrays well the dangers and pangs of jealousy, conflicts between mother and daughter, and the anguish of midlife crisis.

karin viard 2

Karin Viard is a wonderful actress who brillantly embodies every facet of her character, both caring, attractive, stinging, envious, bitter, clueless, funny and touching. The directors actually wrote the role for her, which makes the movie very credible.


The performance of Dara Tombroff, who plays her first role in the cinema, is very graceful and realistic because she is a former dancer of the Opera of Bordeaux. I loved the dance sequences which were a real show!

The secondary characters are also great and bring their own touch to the story.

jalouse thibault de montalembert.jpg

On the family side, there is Jean-Pierre, a paternal hero who supports his daughter in her career, and Isabelle, the stepmother who is a bit silly but very kind.

anne dorval.jpg

On the friendly side, Sophie is the BFF of Nathalie, both sassy and full of common sense. She will help Nathalie to bounce back.

jalouse anaîs demoustier.jpg

On the professional side, we have Mélanie, the new French teacher who is Nathalie’s rival and a verbal spiel specialist. Clashes between the two of them were very enjoyable and they are part of the best moments!

jalouse corentin fila.jpg

On the romance side, there is Félix, the perfect boyfriend in love with Mathilde, and Sébastien, a divorced father with whom Nathalie will gradually regain the taste for life…

jalouse bruno todeschini

For short, Jalouse is a beautiful movie about feelings which will not leave you indifferent. Go for it! 🙂


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