Life goes on…

Hello poetic souls!

Here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!

Life goes on…

Life goes on 2

Life goes on, watch the dawn rise,

Chase your doubts, open your eyes,

Stop re-telling the old stories, yesterday belongs to the past,

You’ve traveled only part of the way, know that the world is vast.

Life goes on, look around you,

A baby panda grows in the zoo,

His mother lost the eldest but does her best to protect him,

We all have to jump in the water to be then able to swim.

Life goes on, all hearts can heal,

You’ll find better, this is the deal,

Your smile is your most valuable ally,

Your love for life will lead you high. 

Life goes on, you still have time to learn,

Believe me, soon, it’ll be your turn,

Your efforts will be rewarded,

Keep the faith and hold on, kid…


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