Differences between family holidays and holidays with friends!

Hello everyone!

We are at the beginning of August and it is vacation time for some of you. For those who hesitate between family holidays and holidays with friends, I recently tested both sequentially. So here are the major differences between them, enjoy!

panda holidays.jpg

1. The cost of travel and accommodation! 

cost of travel.jpg

With your parents: either they take care of everything, either you pay only a small part of the costs because they are so glad that you accompany them! And because it reminds them of the happy memories of your childhood: taking care of you make them feel young and reliable again! So you will still have enough to buy souvenirs to thank them…

With your friends: you split all expenses fairly. Everyone pays his airfare or train ticket, his share of gasoline, his share of housing and his share of shopping. All of this is a budget but what a satisfaction to be able to meet your needs yourself like a grown up! In general, your budget is quickly consumed, so take pictures and skip the postcards and tourist shops…


2. The airline and luggage!


With your parents: traditional airline with meal or snack included. Plus one checked luggage per person. So you can bring the full house and all your favourite outfits if necessary!

With your friends: low-cost airline with the bare necessities. Don’t even dream about food! And you’d better travel with a backpack or a small roller bag with the requested standards. Be careful, some evil airlines ask you to put your purse in your suitcase and don’t forget to prepare your little bag of liquids…


3. Accommodation! 

panda with computer

With your parents: hotel or family villa with TV, bathroom and separate toilet, a kitchen area and a dining room. Comfort comes first, you must feel like home!

With your friends: Airbnb or a Liliputian room equipped with Internet. Wifi comes first! It doesn’t matter if there are not enough beds for everyone, you can sleep on a couch.


4. The time you wake up and go to bed! 

go to bed morpheus

With your parents: we are not going to lie,  whatever your age, it’s up to them! And don’t forget to brush your teeth!

With your friends: as you wish, you can sleep as long as you want and even skip breakfast if necessary! Sleepless nights are your motto.


5. The type of meal!

food on the beach

With your parents: starter, main and dessert. Can we have your best table with the view? Thank you, which wine do you recommend?

With your friends: cheap self-serve buffet or street food with a beer. We cannot afford to go to the restaurant for every meal and there must be a budget for evening cocktails!


6. The sequence of activities!

vacation activities.jpg

With your parents: everything is scheduled from breakfast time, through cultural visits, excursions, the restaurant recommended by the guide, swimming time, shower time and the night market!

With your friends: breakfast if you woke up before noon. So, what are we doing today? Beach and idleness? Perfect! And don’t forget the nap, we are going out tonight!


7. The time of your flight!

flight attendant

With your parents: the perfect time, neither too early nor too late. We will even have time to have a good coffee at the airport!

With your friends: the evil schedules imposed by low-cost airlines because you need to save money! Even if it means taking the bus at 2 am (true story)!


8. The means of transport to get to the airport!

orly bus

With your parents: a comfortable taxi ordered the day before. Thank you so much, you can keep the change!

With your friends: the Orly bus which costs 8.30 euros per ticket without room to sit nor to put your luggage, with the added bonus of motion sickness, collisions between passengers as soons as the bus brakes, sweating, back pain and trouble to breathe!


Finally, each type of holiday has its share of joys and sorrows. What is certain is that whatever your choice and the obstacles to overcome, you will spend the best holidays of your life! Happy holidays everybody 😀






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