My lucky dress

Dear readers,

Do you have a lucky outfit? I mean a garment you wear by superstition as a talisman to protect you from bad luck… Well, I think I found mine. I have this lovely red and black dress for years and it has the advantage of being elegant and comfortable. Plus, it is suitable for different occasions: family reunion, reception, birthday, interviews… I am not very superstitious but I think this dress has a magic power.

Indeed, several interviews I had in the past were successful when I wore this dress. It is precisely the outfit I wore when I applied for my current position. Today I had an oral defense that I feared so I wore my red and black dress especially for the occasion and I’ve done well : it made me feel more confident and my exam went rather well! I don’t know the jury’s decision yet but I am quite optimistic for the future! Let’s hope I never lose this magic dress so precious… Fingers crossed 😉



One Comment Add yours

  1. This is truly a lucky dress : I’ve got my Master in Web Project Management yesterday 😃🍀🐼


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