12 survival tips to spend time at the airport!

Dear globe trotters,

Last Friday, my plane to Paris was delayed and I was stuck for 8 hours at the airport, what a nightmare! Time passes very slowly, especially in an airport and when you do not know what to do! Here are 5 tips to be less annoyed if this ever happens to you, enjoy!

1. Find a coffee shop that serves on the spot! It is more pleasant to be seated at a table than wandering like a lost soul with your drink in hand! And treat yourself with a little sweetness if possible… I enjoyed a homemade Corsican clementine ice cream last time, yum!

coffee shop airport

2. Recharge the battery of your smartphone! There are always places with electrical outlets at the airport. I was lucky to find a table equipped with it in the coffee shop itself! When you are stuck at the airport, staying connected to the rest of the world has never been so crucial…

recharge téléphone

3. Buy some magazines! What would we do without the newspaper shops? Tabloids, women’s press, psychology magazines or other, it’s up to you! Personally, it relaxes me…

presse féminine.JPG

4. Do brain games! I like doing clues-in-squares: it allows me to stay focused and stimulate my mind! It also awakens my taste for challenge…

mots fléchés

5. Read a book! Sometimes, you just need a good novel to escape!


6. Go to the bathroom! The airport toilets are more comfortable and less confined than those of the airplane. Take advantage also to check that you do not have a piece of salad stuck between your teeth, arrange your hair and refresh your face! Feel better?


7. Do window shopping! This is the main function of duty free shops. Better to contemplate nice products than to look at the ceiling! Why don’t you try a new perfume while you’re here?

duty free 2

8. Listen to music! Music soothes the soul so don’t forget your headphones! But do not put the volume to maximum in case there would be an important announcement in the airport…


9. Play cards! If you travel accompanied, this is a good investment! Time will pass more quickly, trust me…


10. Take a short nap! If you have nothing to do, it’s imple: just rest! But be careful with your luggage…

panda napping.jpg

11. Go stretch your legs! Walk as much as you can in the airport, it will prevent you from having your legs numb!

strech legs

12. Make your imagination work! If you have nothing, you can still create! Write a poem, start a short story or imagine a movie scenario where the hero is stuck at the airport, it could be fun!

imagination 2


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