A whirlwind of emotions

Hello budding poets!

Here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!

A whirlwind of emotions

whirlwind of colors 2

There is the chromatic wheel and the emotional wheel, 

The kaleidoscope of your life is dyed alternately with angry red, hoping green, melancholic blue or euphoric pink, 

Like a weather vane, your heart is racing and no longer knows what to feel,

You sail on a ship stuck between two shores with only one possible outcome: it’s survival or sinking.

Some days, you are on top of the world and feel completely at ease,

Sometimes your path is full of pitfalls, it’s like walking on hot coals, 

Emotions swirl as subjected to magical meteorites: red kryptonite and nothing can stop you, green kryptonite and you are on your knees,

Dragged into the infernal machine of fate, you fly away and lose control.

Can we love and hate at the same time?

Can we be brave while afraid?

Don’t worry, there is no universal model, follow your own paradigm,

Everyone is made of light but also has his share of shade.

Such is the rainbow of life, 

Sometimes it is necessary to mix a bit of rain to the sun of existence,

You will know the price of peace after triumphing over the strife,

And you’ll enjoy the reunion after facing the distance. 

Multicolored spectrum or vision in black and white,

Unshakable optimism or pessimism sickly,

We must open our eyes to simply glimpse the bright,

Expand our color palette to smile again quickly…


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. amandwrites says:

    That’s lovely said!

    I have written some poems as well, if you want, let me know what you think!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! I’ll have a look at your poems 🙂


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