Short story number 40!

Dear aspiring writers,

Here is my fortieth short story, enjoy reading!

Cast Away…

parisienne seule

Friday night. While people are clinking glasses in bars or are wandering the streets with an ice cream in hand, Céline is alone in her studio apartment. Some of her lucky friends are sunbathing on a beach, others are obsessed with their wedding preparations, another is sick and the last person she called in a desperate momentum did not even answer! No family, no friend, no boyfriend, no one. Not even a cat to keep her company! If Céline’s life was a movie, it would be Cast Away! Suddenly, she feels like she has been stranded on a desert island. What shall she do?

Going to the cinema? Impossible, she has already seen all those that were interesting. There are only horror movies left and it’s a very bad idea when you are a chicken, all by yourself! What about a DVD or a streaming movie? Due to the poor Internet connection and the desperate slowness of her laptop, this is no longer an option. Crap! Reading a book? Why not, her niece forgot her novel in the living room last time! Ironically, it is The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson CrusoéThe weather is scortching and Céline is afraid of being delirious if she embarks on such an expedition, how depressing!

What if she played music? The moitness of her fingers immediately dissuades her from touching the synth or the guitar. It is too late to go to the swimming pool in her neighborood and it does not worth paying 28 euros to go to Aquaboulevard that closes in one hour. Would it be Murphy’s law? Would karma of the universe be against her? 

Céline feels so destitute that she would be ready to go and ask for sugar from the neighbor just to have someone to talk to! When the latter coldly answers that he is diabetic and does not have a sweetener either, our young friend returns to her cave completely down, with the sad impression of being abandoned by all. 

Resigned, Céline is preparing to go to bed when she receives a last minute text message: “Hey Céline, sorry my phone fell into the canal and someone puked on me. I’m at a party with 200 people! Wanna come?” Seriously?! No thanks!

“Forget it, I already have plans. Good night.”   Finally, it’s not so bad to be alone!


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