Short story number 39!

Dear aspiring writers,

Here is my thirty-ninth short story, enjoy reading!

Chronicle of a jaded Parisian

Parisienne 3

Mia is twenty-five and lives in a small apartment, only a few minutes’ walk from Champ-de-Mars. Every morning she wakes up with a start, takes a shower, puts on her clothes prepared the day before and swallows the same breakfast made with Nespresso coffee, over-priced smoothie (strawberry or mango, according to her mood) and a lemon flavor cereal bar. She does the dishes with her special brush, brushes her teeth, brushes her hair, does her makeup and runs out of the flat, already stressed by her day.  

She takes the Parisian metro crowded with sullen and unpleasant people, gets off the metro to take another one also crowded, joins the RER wharf, swears because there is still a traveler incident that delays her train, arrives at the office late, does her work mechanically and goes home tired and unsatisfied, such as an embittered old woman.

While she is about to console herself with a good homemade dinner, she notices that the fridge is empty and runs to the Franprix supermarket that closes in thirty minutes. Mia fills her shopping cart in a hurry, almost faints at the sight of the endless queue and goes home with cramps in the arm because she has forgotten to take her rolling bag cart! Fighting the urge to go to bed directly, she cooks what she had planned and swears at the end of the meal because there is no more dishwashing liquid! Monop’ shop is open until midnight but Mia is running out of energy…

Out of patience, she gives up, brushes her teeth, puts on her pyjama and falls asleep, exhausted. When she wakes up the next day, the dirty dishes and the same infernal routine await her, ruthless. Help!!!

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