10 things I like about Vietnam ! :)

Hello globetrotters!

This month, I made a trip to Vietnam, the home country of my parents and I loved the two weeks I spent there! The days passed by too quickly, here are 10 things I like about Vietnam, enjoy!

1.The fact that the weather is hot and sunny in March! Walking in shorts and tee-shirt is so nice especially when you know that Paris was experiencing rain, cold and gusts!


2.Moving around in Honda! In France, my mum would never let me get on a scooter or motorbike but in Vietnam it is different because it is the means of transport the most used there, much more convenient than the car. In fact, very few people have the car license except taxi or private drivers.  I loved the sensation of freedom, helmet and hair in the wind, that every motorbike getaway offered, it was so cool!


3.Drinking coconut juice in the fruit itself! It is so good and exotic!


4.Having pho for breakfast! Pho is one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes and being able to eat it in the morning gives it even more flavor!


5.Sharing lots of delicious dishes with the whole family! In Vietnam, the single dish is not in morals, people prefer eating a whole feast in the manner of tapas. We put all the food in the center of the table and everyone serves himself in a small bowl, it is much more convivial!


6.Tasting products that are difficult to find elsewhere! Have you ever tried taro ice cream, corn candy or sugar cane juice for example?

sugar cane juice.jpg

7.Bathing in the sea early in the morning! You can jump into the water without fear, the sea is warm from five in the morning!


8.Going to karaoke! The concept of private rooms is very widespread in Asia, unlike in France. You can book a room with your friends or family, order cocktails and enjoy a pleasant moment to sing without complex in your private room. For those who cannot sing in Vietnamese, many karaokes also offer a wide variety of intenational songs, go for it!

karaoke 2

9.The fact that you can live well without spending too much money! Sky bar, 5-star hotel, massage, good restaurant, trip to the beach, water park and so on…treat yourself!

sky bar

10.Grab app! This is the equivalent of Uber less expensive and it exists only in Asia! You connect to the app to control your journey, use geolocation to find the nearest driver, you receive his name, his photograph and his license plate. Convenient, right? Grab exists for both cars, bikes and motorbikes, what more can you ask for?



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