My review of “Rock’n Roll”!

Hello movie fans!

Yesterday night I saw Rock’n Roll and as the theme was more or less survival in Paris, I decided to make a review of this memorable movie, enjoy!

Rock n’ Roll is a French comedy, written and realized by Guillaume Canet with Guillaume Canet himself, Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lellouche, Philippe Lefebvre, Camille Rowe, Yvan Attal, Ben Foster, Maxim Nucci, Yarol Poupaud, Johnny Hallyday and Laeticia Hallyday. The film was released in France since February 15, 2017.


What’s the story?

Guillaume Canet, 43 years old, has blossomed in his life, he has everything to be happy. On a shoot, a pretty actress of 20 years old will stop him in his tracks, telling him that he is not very “rock”, that he never really was, and to finish him off, that he slipped a lot in the “list” of actors we would like to hook up with… His family life with Marion, his son, his horses, give him a cheesy and not really sexy image… Guillaume understands that it is urgent to change everything. And he will go too far, under the stunned eye of his entourage!

I had not seen the trailer but the poster of the film and the cast already announced something funny. Each character plays his own role but I warn you right away: Rock n’ Roll is not a documentary. This is a satire on the star system, the gap between image and reality, the fear of aging and the disastrous consequences of how far an actor can go to keep up with the times.

We often imagine that celebrities live the golden life and ignore the difficulties of the daily. Guillaume Canet takes the opposite view to our expectations by offering us a distorted fiction of his life as a star. We discover that he lives in the same building as his mother, he goes shopping at the market, carries his pack of mineral water himself, reads stories to his son, helps his wife in her language courses… In short, he looks like the devoted husband with no history.

Marion Cotillard has also nothing to do with the perception that the media have of her. Far from her glamorous image of Oscar-winning actress, we see her appear in all her simplicity, with almost no makeup, in tee-shirt and pyjama bottom like you and me, chatting with her husband like ordinary people.


Well, this is only at the beginning of the movie. Things get more funny and interesting when Marion only answers with the Quebec accent to prepare a new role and Guillaume starts to blow a fuse. In the mids of quarantine crisis, the actor tired of his boring image of ideal son-in-law, tries to dive into the world of bad boys (leather, drinking, sex and drugs) but this is a bitter failure: Canet becomes the leader of shame on YouTube, puts a film crew in peril and loses the French Cesar award as best actor…unlike his wife who collects the rewards and use them as table foot!


The crisis of Guillaume does not stop here. Desperate and completely mad after being discharged from a casting for young actors, our hero decides to move to the next level by starting a physical transformation based on questionable methods… The film goes so far that we have the feeling of falling into another dimension both scary and hilarious!

Even if the second part of the film turns into an undefinable delirium giving room and space for the grotesque and caricature, the film is worth seeing. Beautiful cast, humor, sarcasm, incredible situations and unexpected ending allow us to have a great time and less envy celebrity life…

Have fun 🙂


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  1. Vi says:

    Coucou Minh-Tho, ah il a l’air bien le fim! Bisous

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Merci Vi, je te le recommande ! 🙂


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