My objectives for 2017: Goal 1!

Dear readers,

January is already finished but it’s never too late to set new goals. I’m not a fan of making good resolutions but I think that a goal can be reached more easily if it is written. Here is my first objective for 2017…

 Feeling good about my body!

My goal is not to look like a supermodel. I just want to regain a fitness weight and a pretty silhouette. Medically speaking, I am not overweight and you do not necessarily notice it by looking at me thanks to the clothes that I choose carefully…but the fact is that I mistreated my body for over a year by eating like a glutton without doing sport nor respecting my nutritional needs.

When someone dumps you, you usually eat a lot to compensate for an emotional lack, telling yourself that anyway, nobody will be attracted to you so what’s the point to make efforts? Big mistake!

The vicious circle is that your belly starts to become flabby, you put on loose clothing to hide this disgrace and you don’t even dare to go to the swimming pool because you feel ugly in a swimsuit! You don’t even have the strength to go running because the more you eat, the more you feel heavy and lazy, what a nightmare!

I had an awareness at the beginning of the year after one of my relatives told me frankly that I had put on weight. I felt humiliated and hurt but I needed to hear it to compose myself.

I have already started to take better habits: I no longer drink soda, except Coke Zero very occasionally, I eat more vegetables and fewer starches, I no longer eat snacks between meals and I no longer go to fast food. Three consecutive days of Vietnamese New Year meals and some birthdays have somewhat ruined my efforts but the game is not over, I’ll keep fighting! 😉



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