Short story number 38!

Dear aspiring writers,

Here is my thirty-eighth short story, enjoy reading!


The end of a story…

After saying goodbye to Matthew in a tone as cheerful as possible, Jennifer rushed into the subway and sank onto a seat, in tears. After all this time, the wound of her heart was still so painful! She had shared wonderful moments with Matt but he no longer saw her as a girlfriend…

Poor Jennifer! Her naivety had still played tricks on her. At the beginning of the month, she had written to Matthew to wish him a happy new year and he had immediately replied and asked about her. Glad to be able to speak with him after more than a year of silence, Jen felt animated with a new energy and told him she had a workshop in the city where he lived. The event was only supposed to last one day but she wanted to extend her stay to visit the city.

Matt told her he would be free during the weekend and even offered to host her in the apartment he shared with his cousin Jason. Eager to save money and see the one she loved so much, Jennifer accepted, the heart filled with a thousand conflicting emotions: the fear of confrontation, the excitement of not knowing what might happen, the joy of seeing him again in the flesh and the shame of imagining improbable scenarios like a teenage girl whereas she was already twenty-six!

Oddly, age did not help Jen to mature. Deep within her, she remained a little girl bottle-fed with Disney movies and who still believed in Prince Charming…  The long awaited and feared day finally arrived. At 5:00 pm on the dot, Jennifer left the hotel where the seminar was held and took refuge in a fast-food with unlimited drinks until Matthew come to pick her up. 

When she felt a hand on her shoulder, Jen did not need to turn around to know that it was him. Matthew…he was there, smiling at her after all these years! Her heart was beating at full speed but by a miracle, the face of Jennifer was remarkably serene. She refrained from hugging him and kissed Matt on the cheek with the nonchalance of a longtime friend.

Having exchanged some small talk, the young woman followed her former boyfriend in a bar both refined and cosy. Despite the numerous regulars on Friday night, they managed to have a table for two with bench and lit with a candle. Infrared lighting and soft music accompanied by fresh and original cocktails helped our two friends to relax and talk about everything and about anything, without addressing the subject of their love lives. For Jen, it was easy since she was single for months. What about Matt? Hanging out with him again was a miracle so Jennifer did not want to think about it. After all, he told her he was available the whole weekend and even invited her to stay at his place. She knew him enough to know that Matthew was not an unfaithful man. There was no reason to worry and they did not do anything wrong. Jen however noticed that Matt did not once propose to pay for her drinks but she did not mope over it since they were not on a date.

When they finished their third glass, Matthew proposed Jennifer to go home. She accepted without difficulty and followed him in the subway. Thirty minutes later, she finally made acquaintance with Matt’s cousin and their new flat. Matthew offered his ex his own room, specifiying that he would sleep in Jason’s room. Jen thanked him for this delicate attention, left her luggage and went back to the living room to eat with her hosts. Matthew had made spaghettis with seafood, it was the first time that he cooked for her, Jennifer could not believe it!

After dinner, Jason left the flat to meet his friends in the city center. Matt asked Jen if she wanted to watch a movie with him and they laid down on his bed like in the old days, wrapped in their pj’s and laughing out loud without embarrassment. It seemed so right and so wrong at the same time. Jennifer had never felt so confused and happy. At the end of the movie, she thought Matt would stay with her but he left the room like a gentleman after wishing her a good night. Of course, what did she imagine? They were not in a movie!

The next morning after breakfast, Matt took his ex to lovely places and they did all Jennifer’s favorite activities: visiting exotic greenhouses, having lunch in a vintage fast-food, making a bowling competition and playing arcade games. It was perfect, like a date, except that they did not kiss, even if Matthew took her hand several times. Jen wanted to try her luck but she was afraid of annihilating their few privileged moments. Matt’s company was both happiness and torture at the same time because his behavior only served to fuel the ambiguity of the situation.

At the end of the day, they went to a dancing bar and had fun all night. Jennifer had forgotten how much she loved to dance with Matthew, she could stay in his arms forever if she could. Unfortunately for her, there would be no follow-up to this semblance of idyll. The day after, Matt told her that his crush finally accepted to go on a date with him and that he was glad that they remained friends. It was time for Jen to say goodbye…



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