“Comment garder son mec”: the crazy couple advice of the hilarious Alil Vardar!

Hello theater enthusiasts!

I am a huge fan of Alil Vardar and all his plays (Le clan des divorcées, 10 ans de mariage, Familles recomposées and Abracadabrunch), so when I learned that he had a new show, I didn’t resist the temptation to go see him on stage. Here is my review of Comment garder son mec, enjoy!

Comment garder son mec is a one-man show written by Alil Vardar and Thomas Gaudin, staged by Eric Carriere and starring Alil himself. The show started in October and is available until January 7, 2017, at La Grande Comédie theater, in Paris 9.


After waiting a little long, we finally see Alil Vardar elegantly dressed in a suit, coming on stage. The comedian does a little sketch on his story and his Albanian origins to introduce himself and warm up the audience. Spectators are already laughing out loud and the real subject of the show begins…

This is a one-man show so Alil plays both the role of the man and the woman in funny scenarios. He talks about his ex wife, his first teenage crush, how he and his clumsy mates were trying to seduce the most beautiful girl in school, hopes and teenage disillusions, how to flirt in nightlub 25 years ago, he gently mocks the difference beetween girls in their 20s and women in their 40s (the dance sequence is awesome!), caricatures rednecks abroad and provides girls very special advice to keep their boyfriend…

This is just a preview of the show, just know that Alil Vardar is a complete artist who can interact with the audience (singles or couples, you migh be questioned by the comedian!) and make we laugh to tears!

Don’t hesitate to attend this amazing show if you are visiting Paris, you will sign for one hour of happiness! Tickets can be booked on the website http://www.billetreduc.com/168099/evt.htm.

Have fun 🙂


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