A Parisian in New York! Day 5

Dear readers,

Here is the story of my fifth day in New York!

Day 5…

The Statue of Liberty is so iconic that we absolutely had to see it during our stay in New York! We took the ferry in the morning, I had the feeling to adventure! When Lady Liberty appeared in our field of vision, everyone fought to take pictures: front view, side view, three-quarter view…we were like paparazzis who had just seen a movie star! When we landed, the same thing started again and I had to try more than once to get a proper selfie as the multitude of other tourists! We could not go inside the statue because it was necessary to book at least two months in advance, can you imagine? Never mind, the external view was already beautiful and the ticket also included an audio guide to ride around the island and discover its history at our own pace. This is how I learned that Gustave Eiffel was the coauthor of the internal structure of the statue (a nod to all Parisians)!


Then we took the ferry to Ellis Island and we visited the Immigration Museum. The audio tour allowed us to go through the museum as if we were newcomers. This journey into the past was both interactive and moving. Some testimonies and the view of the dorms were really heartbreaking. I had the same feeling when I visited Anne Frank House in the Netherlands…

When the ferry took us back in New York, we stopped at Wall Street and we still had to queue to be photographed with the Charging Bull, a bronze sculpture symbol of prosperity…provided to scratch the nose, grab the horns and testicles of the bull! Personally, I have only touched the horns so I don’t know if fortune will smile on me.

After lunch in a little vietnamese restaurant, we went to the 9/11 Memorial, built to commemorate the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center. It was overwhelming to see the names of victims cast in stone, flags and roses deposited in their honor. I did not know anyone but I prayed for all those people who have gone before their time…


New York is a city close to my heart. I love its warm and cosmopolitan nature, its green spaces, its culture, its landscapes, its lights and the fact that this city never sleeps. Thank you for welcoming me and making me dream so much, I will come back for sure! ♥



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