A Parisian in New York! Day 4

Hello world!

The tragedy that struck Chelsea moved me because I was there two weeks ago. My thoughts are with the victims. New York is a city that I cherish and I will not forget the happy moments I lived there. Here is the story of my fourth day in New York…

Day 4…

The Met is one of the largest art museums in the world and we could not visit New York without going through this prestigious museum, not to mention that my sister and I always dreamed about sitting on the steps of the Met like Blair and Serena in Gossip Girl! After a donation at the entrance, we started with the Egyptian section (we do the same when we go to the Louvre in Paris) which is really fabulous. I had the feeling of traveling back in time! I also loved the American decorative arts (the collection of stained glass is beautiful!) and the Asian section was totally exotic, it was as if we visited another country…  The icing on the cake is the rooftop view from the terrace  where you can admire Downtown Manhattan and Central Park, absolutely breathtaking!


For lunch, we decided to taste the best burger in New York at Shake Shack in Madison Square. We had to wait a long time but it was worth it. Plus, we were well organized: I managed to find a table while the others were queuing with the buzzer after ordering. The Bacon Cheeseburger, fries and Stawberry Shake are  de-li-cious! And I enjoyed eating in a sunny square. Even squirrels and sparrows are regulars, haha!


After walking in Midtown, we ended our day in Brooklyn. The view from the bridge is stunning, especially at sunset, we sat on the rocks facing the sea and we had dinner at Grimaldi’s, known for serving the best pizza! Everything was perfect.




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