A Parisian in New York! Day 3

Hello everybody!

Here is the story of my third day in New York, enjoy!

Day 3…

Before we go to New York, some of our friends recommended that we attend a Gospel Mass so on Sunday morning, we had breakfast a little earlier than usual and we took the subway to Harlem. We had planned to go to a church not too popular to increase our chances but unfortunately, a queue as long as the one for a concert extended all over the street! We were waiting obediently in line when one of the church leaders said that the queue was closed ahead. The lady advised us to go to another church but all the others were closed and did not accept any other visitors. We decided to go back to the first church, the only one where the last Mass had not yet begun…by discreetly cutting the queue just like few other tourists! Please be understanding, it was the only Sunday of our stay and our only chance to attend such a Mass. The church leaders who were monitoring the door were not fooled but luckily, they did not ask us to leave. We just had to let the countless legitimate visitors to whom they had given an envelope go first…and it took a long time! Finally we were able to get inside in time, after we were given an envelope. A little girl led us to our seats like in the theater and we attended the religious performance worthy of a r’nb music concert! Backing vocalists, guitarist, singer, keyboard, everything was there…you could even see the lyrics scrolling on a screen! It was nice, warm, dynamic but maybe too much orchestrated! I was expecting a more vibrant choir as in Sister Act movie but I  guess it depends on churches. Anyway, it was a lovely experience and the church members were very open and welcoming, and we did not forget to give them a donation to thank them and make amends to have cut the line!


We continued our program with a charming trip to Central Park, huge with its 340 hectares, beautifully green, flowered and full of wonders. I enjoyed picknicking, admiring the ducks napping, watching cyclists, teenagers practicing baseball, acrobats dancers, people rowing…


At the end of the day, we walked in Broadway, visited  McGee’s Pub, the model for McLaren’s bar in How I Met Your Mother (too bad that it was overcrowded!) and had a wonderful dinner at Red Lobster restaurant in Times Square, so good!





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