A Parisian in New York! Day 1

Dear readers,

Last week I had the chance to spend few days of vacation in New York with my family and it was awesome! It was the first time I visited this city so I would like to share my experience, enjoy!

Day 1…

Eight flying hours without sleeping is exhausting but I had to struggle not to fall asleep because I wanted to enjoy every minute of my first day in the Big Apple! I confess that I didn’t resist the temptation to watch Me Before You and Kung Fu Panda 3 during the flightAdd to that snack break, lunch and excitation so time is running out to sleep! The plane landed around 3.30 pm but we had to queue for passport control and fingerprinting (thankfully, Obama was there, I mean in a television screen, to welcome us while we were waiting). We got our luggage immediately after and then again we had to wait forever to find a taxi big enough to hold our 4 suitcases. To top it all, there was a huge traffic jam, the driver had never heard of the district where our hotel was located (admit that there is more heavenly than Hell’s Kitchen! No, it’s not just a TV show…). It was 6:30 pm on the dot when we finally got our room. Just time to freshen up and we went out to explore the first outskirts of the city. We had no idea that the 2 blocks that separated us from 5th Ave would also be a long one! But the wonder of the first time in the city is such that nothing matters more.

Everything seems straight out of a dream. A single yellow cab gives you the same feeling as if you saw a red phone booth in London. It’s funny because in Paris, nobody would have the thought of taking a G7 taxi picture! Oh my god, we are such tourists. Nevertheless, yellow cabs, skyscrapers, fashion shops, lights and so on, have that effect.


We decided to visit Top of the Rock on the first night. The advantage is that you can choose the time of your visit. It left us time to have dinner at Applebee’s. Then we contemplated the splendor of the city by night from the 65th floor, we stopped at Times Square (so bright and always abuzz like in the movies) and the famous M&M’s World shop before returning to the hotel with stars in our eyes and the head full of new dreams…




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