5 reasons why singing makes me feel better :)

Hello mates!

We are in August so work is more peaceful, I have a little more free time and I recently returned to sing… Here are 5 reasons why singing makes me feel better, enjoy!

1.It’s ideal to unwind! Indeed, singing makes you work on your voice, breath, muscles and posture, it looks like sport!


2.Each song is a challenge! When you love a song, you want to sing it well so you make efforts to give the best of yourself. When I want to sing several songs but I am running out of time, I appeal to my creativity and I invent medleys, it’s an excellent musical exercise!


3.It boosts your confidence! Usually I film myself to make it more difficult and see how I react. I keep the video as souvenir and share it with my friends. I they like it, I can be proud of myself!

elsa frozen

4.This is a free hobby! If you don’t take singing classes, that goes without saying. And you can sing whenever and wherever you want, as long as you don’t bother anyone!

just sing

5.It puts you in a good mood! It’s magic, you always end up smiling so it makes you happy…

because I'm happy

And you, do you like singing?  🙂


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