Don’t give up ♥

Hello poetic souls!

I didn’t write for a month and I’m sorry for that. I would like to devote myself fully to the things I like doing but unfortunately it’s impossible, at least for the moment. I still have so many plans and dreams to fulfill… As I refuse to lose hope, I decided to write this poem, enjoy!

little fighter

Don’t give up…

Don’t give up what makes you feel alive,

You know this flame that drives your heart,

Don’t give up what makes you want to strive,

Even if making your own way in the world will be the hardest part…

Don’t give up your childhood dreams,

You know those magical moments when you thought everything was possible,

Your future is less uncontrollable than it seems,

Wishes and reality are not always incompatible…

Don’t give up your wildest plans,

Deep within you, you know where you want to go,

One day you’ll let yourself be guided by your own hands,

Don’t give up in the darkness, do your best, you’ll find your glow…

thanks 15

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Good night 🙂

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