Happy Father’s Day! 4 things to do with your Dad :)

Hello world!

Today it’s Father’s Day in France so it’s the occasion to spend time and have fun with your Dad. Here are 4 ideas to celebrate this special day, enjoy!

1. Organize a barbecue! It’s simple, easy and tasty! Clean the garden furniture, open the sunhade, set the table, prepare a rum punch and put some vegetables, sausages and pieces of chicken to grill…bon appétit!

barbecue 2.jpg

2. Challenge your Dad! Video games, board games, basketball, ping-pong, arm wrestling or other, it’s up to you! Dads love competitive games and it’s an opportunity to strengthen your affective bonds with them. Have fun!

basketball_dad and daughter

3. Take pictures! You can create a “Dad & Me” album to immortalize your best memories together. You have only one Dad so enjoy the time you spend with him!


4. Watch the football match between France and Switzerland tonight! Another opportunity to share good moments with your Dad. Don’t forget the beer, pizza and the tricolor makeup! Go France!

france-suisse 2016.jpg

Hope these 4 tips will allow you to have an awesome time with your Dad. Happy Father’s Day! 🙂


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