Happy Mother’s Day! 6 things to do with your mum today :)

Hello world!

Today it’s Mother’s Day in France so we have to make it special. Here are 6 things to do to pamper your mum, enjoy!

1. Prepare her a lovely breakfast! This is an option for those who still live with their parents. Wake up earlier than usual, go to the bakery and take some freshly baked croissants (or pains au chocolat according to her preferences). Prepare a healthy squeezed orange juice not to mention the favourite hot beverage of your mum, add a plate of scrambled eggs with toasted bread… Put a flower in a vase, write some sweet words and get the queen of the day up!


2. Don’t forget the gift! Offer your mum something that matches her personnality. A collection of poems for a literary mum, a garment or accessory for a fashion mum, a drawing or painting for an artist mum, cooking equipment if your mum is a chef, a CD or concert tickets if she loves music… You’re the best fit to answer that question! If you’re broke, don’t worry, a big hug and kisses are always welcome.


3. Let her choose the lunch menu! It’s Mother’s Day so don’t let your mum cook. You can prepare lunch with the other members of your family or you can go to the restaurant (you better book a table in this case, it’s a busy day for all the restaurateurs).

menu fête des mères

4. Take her to the cinema! This is very timely, Mother’s Day movie came out this week. This is an opportunity to have a good time with Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and others!


5. Go for a family walk! Seine banks, Luxembourg Gardens, La Villette Park, Vincennes Woods… there are so many nice places where you can stroll in Paris, enjoy!


6. Go to the bowling alley! This intergenerational activity is full of fun and conviviality. Don’t be afraid to challenge your mum! Who knows, she may have hidden talents…

bowling 2

Hope you these ideas will allow you to have an amazing time with your mum.Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums in the world! Hugs ♥


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