10 tips for efficient collaborative innovation!

Dear readers,

It’s no secret that collaborative innovation became a key lever on development and reputation of any company, large groups and SMEs taken together. Doing collaborative innovation? All right but you have to do it well! Many companies fail because they didn’t use the right method. What are the key elements to successful collaborative innovation?  Here are 10 tips to help you!

1. Give a chance to all the members of your company! By opening this project to all employees, juniors and seniors taken together, you will maximize proposing ideas and you will have a better chance to find innovative projects. Your staff will feel valued to participate in the growth of the company, they will gain creativity and productivity, and who knows, you may discover new talents. Thus, everyone will be a winner!


2. Develop your own collaborative platform! It’s the place where your network of innovators and interactive suggestion box will grow. Don’t hesitate to propose challenges to your employees and reward the most innovative ideas. For the survival of your platform, make sure it remains dynamic by promoting interactions between the platform users and by regularly supplying its newsfeed.

plateforme collaborative

3. Thematize your ideas and challenges! It’s the best way to build an intelligent central thread that will be used to create your teams of innovators according to their fields of expertise and skills.


4. Encourage your colleagues to complete their profile! This will facilitate the creation of your teams of innovators and help them highlight their assets within the company.


5. Set a maximum number of participants in each team! Everyone must have a role to play in his team so don’t overload them at the risk of curbing group productivity. 10 members per team seems to be a good compromise.

maximum 10.jpg

6. Think about calendar sharing! By assigning a shared calendar to each team member, you will gain time and productivity, and you will avoid having to go through the endless exchanges of cascaded emails…

calendar sharing

7. Communicate in real time! The advantage of instant messaging is that it will allow you to get information from your colleagues faster. Install an online chat system or ask your colleagues to create a professional Skype account that will allow them to show their status (available, away, busy or offline).

skype business

8. Synchronize your documents! This is essential when you are several people working on the same file. Synchronization (via cloud solutions for example) will allow you to work on updated documents, even from remote offices.


9. Allow time to innovation! Give your emloyees 20% of their work time to dedicate themselves to the development of their innovation project. They will be very grateful and more inclined to creativity.

time to innovate

10. Don’t penalize your colleagues in case of failure! Innovation involves a phase of testing and exploration before finding a solution. They will dare more to propose new ideas with the will  to improve themselves if you allow them to learn from their mistakes and bounce on it.


Now you have all the keys to undertake your innovation project. Reveal your inner innovator! 😉




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