Blank Page Syndrome…

Dear readers,

It’s been a while since my last article. I haven’t written anything for twelve days because I started a new job, I felt tired, I couldn’t find enough time to write… In short, I was making excuses without daring to admit that I had lost inspiration. I’ve just been the victim of Blank Page Syndrome and there is nothing more terrifying for a blogger! Today I decided to face the problem so here is a poem about writer’s block…

blank page

Blank Page Syndrome…

Writing is the life purpose of any writer,

His fuel, his breath of fresh air, the expression of his thoughts and feelings,

When words refuse to come, you’re like a defeated fighter,

A knocked down boxer who no longer hopes for healing.

This blank page staring back at you is terrifying,

You are facing the absolute void,

Your thoughts and ideas are dying,

Everything you try to build seems doomed to be destroyed.

Deprived of your creative logic, you feel completely powerless,

Inspiration has flown away,

You’re trying to sow seeds but your garden’s still flowerless,

You have the feeling of being dumb, there is nothing you can say.

This verbal paralysis is making your blood curdle,

You dream of a thousand colors but all you have is a blank page,

You wish you could take the plunge but there is always a hurdle,

Your words need to escape but they are trapped in a cage.

Everybody gets stuck sooner or later,

Close your eyes and let it go,

Get rid of your dark thoughts and everything will get better,

Rely on intuition, creativity will grow…

thanks 20

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Have a nice weekend 🙂


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  1. Il m’est arrivé la même chose quand j’ai commencé mon nouveau travail , trop fatiguée au début pour bloguer ^^ mais ça revient !

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