Let’s drunch, let’s slunch!

Hello world!

In order to ward off Sunday night blues, what about having a drunch? This American buzzword is the contraction of “dinner” and “lunch”. French people prefer the term “slunch” which is the contraction of “supper” and “lunch”. It sounds nicely, don’t you think? This super trend consists of mixing afternoon snack and dinner, this is equivalent to brunch in the early evening. Enough small talk, here are 8 tips for a successful drunch, enjoy!

1. Forget the dining table! Drunch or slunch must be taken in a relaxed atmosphere so go for a coffee table!

table basse

2. Make yourself comfortable! A cosy sofa, beanbags and soft cushions on the floor will do the trick.

poufs 2

3. Provide portions in small amounts! Present your dishes in the style of tapas. The last thing you need is having heavy stomach! Ramequins, verrines and tasting spoons will be your best allies. Long live mini food!

mini food.png

4. Bannish cutlery! Focus on finger food. Speaking of pies, pizzas, quiches, brochettes, mini sausages, crudities to crunch, dip sauces, gaspacho, toasts, bruschettas, cookies, cupcakes, fruits and so on…  You will have less dishes to do and it will make your slunch more friendly!


5. Start with sweet dishes! I love this kind of reversed meal. Dessert is my favourite part.

brochette fruits

6. Don’t forget the drinks! Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, lassi, smoothies, fresh fruit juices…treat yourself! Nothing prevents you from drinking wine or other alcohol but don’t forget to drink moderately, you are working tomorrow…


7. Put on some music! It’s essential to escape and relax. World music, soul, funk, jazz, electro, pop or other, it’s up to you…

sunday playlist

8. Enjoy the moment! There’s nothing like a little festive meal to keep smiling.


Hope these 8 tips will allow you to have an amazing slunch. Bon appétit 🙂


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