Losing a loved one ♥

Dear budding poets,

Here is my poem of the day, in memory of a loved one.

death quote

Losing a loved one…

The death of a loved one is the worst tragedy that can happen to us,

Whether it be a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend or a family member, pain is inevitable,

We feel helpless and we lose trust,

Our existence is turned upside and unstable.

Losing a loved one is like losing a part of yourself, a part of your life,

We are never prepared to say goodbye, especially when we are young,

Pain is as strong as the blows of a knife,

This insidious stranglehold is oppressing your lungs. 

The shock of death is so sudden that you struggle to face reality,

You think it’s a bad dream and that you’ll wake up soon,

Witnessing the end of a life bogs you down into uncertainty,

Your nerves are so shaken that you’re perilously close to swoon. 

When you are finally resigned to acccept the sad truth,

When you’ve finished crying all the tears you had,

All you need is to be soothed,

Please stop feeling guilty, you’re not responsible for that bad.

Even if it seems unfair, we cannot thwart the death,

Now your loved one is resting in peace,

Dry your tears and take a deep breath,

Even if we never forget, I promise you the pain will cease…

thanks heart



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