10 disadvantages of living in a flat!

Hello everybody!

As you can imagine, not many people can afford to live in a house in Paris, unless you are a billionaire. Ordinary Parisians therefore live in buildings and it’s not always a cakewalk… Here are 10 disadvantages of apartment living, enjoy!

1. No garden or terrace! Too bad if you want to organize a barbecue or sunbathe on a lounger… And even if sometimes we have a balcony, it’s usually too small to do anything!


2. Dirty neighbors! I live in a flat with a garbage chute but I cannot use it. I had to close it with tape to avoid being the victim of an invasion of cockroaches, seriously. Indeed, many people “forget” to put their garbage in closed trash bags and throw all their shit in this “magical conduit” without any consideration for others. This is disgusting!

dirty garbage

3. Noisy neighbors! Whether it be handymen fans of the drill, night owls musicians, hardcore partygoers or sex maniacs, they inevitably talk your ear off…

noisy neighbor

4. Having to climb the stairs! The elevator (if you have one) is usually too tiny or always busy when it’s not out of order. It’s ok if you don’t live on the 10th floor but if you’re with your hands full of supplies, this is another story…


5. The lack of space! Let’s be honest: very few people can afford to live in 100 square meters in Paris and you can consider yourself lucky if you have your own bedroom and not a minuscule studio flat. Despite everything, you quickly feel cramped in an apartment because all the rooms are on the same floor!

chambre mezzanine cuisine

6. Having to warn your neighbors every time you want to throw a party! As you have to respect courtesy to neighbors and you don’t want them to bring complaints of noise at night, you cannot party as often as you want because it sucks to stick a note in the elevator or in the building’s lobby…


7. The smell of cooking not always appetizing! Imagine the smell of sauerkraut, raclette cheese and pickled fish that come together when you feel sick already… Bon appétit!


8. The noise from the street! Paris is a noisy city and even with double glazed windows, the external noise is always the strongest. The only solution is to save money to afford triple glazing or to get used to sleep with earplugs!


9. The digital code that changes regularly! This is for safety reasons but the concierge does not always think to communicate the new code to all residents. It doesn’t matter if you have the electronic badge but this is more problematic for your guests!


10. Having to take out the garbage in a squalid room! I hate that chore and that room but I cannot derogate from it for sanitary reasons…

local poubelle

Hope you enjoyed this article. Have a nice evening 🙂


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