Life is worth living ♥

Hello poetic souls!

Here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!


Life is worth living…

Dear delicate little core,

Right now, you have a blindfold over your eyes,

You’ve been through so many gray areas that you can’t take it anymore,

Despite the sun shining, you no longer see the beauty of the skies.

Who has never experienced hardships?

Who never believed that he was at the bottom of the sea?

It’s not because you fell in the water that you can no longer go aboard a ship,

It’s not because you were blinded by illusions that you can no longer see clearly!

Despite what you think, despite what you’ve been through,

I can tell you that life is worth living,

Change the filter of your perceptions and you will stop feeling blue,

Believe in your lucky star, you can turn your thoughts full of spleen into something amazing…

Living is about facing adversity,

Finding your share of light in spite of the darkness,

Fighting your fears to overcome uncertainties,

Giving love and spreading positive vibes to fill the void of the heartless. 

Dear delicate little core, your life is far from over,

Forget the nightmares from the past and keep dreaming,

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,

Enjoy every moment cause life is worth living…

thanks  22

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Hugs ♥


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