10 things to do when you have a day off!

Hello mates!

We are so used to do everything in a hurry that when we finally have a day off, we forget how to enjoy this sweet privilege! Here are 10 tips to help you forget the stress of daily life for a day…

1. Waking up without the alarm clock ringing! Admit that there is nothing more irritating than being awakened from your sleep by a persistant and hostile ringing! Seriously, some days I almost want to kill my alarm clock… So enjoy this blessed day off, wake up at your own pace, without pressure by turning off your phone or any device capable of ringing. There is nothing better than a real night’s sleep, trust me.

no alarm clock

2. Taking the time to prepare a proper breakfast for yourself! When you’re working, breakfast is often taken in a hurry, neglected or skipped and it’s a shame. As you have more time than usual, treat yourself with a royal breakfast. Squeezed juice or homemade smoothie, bread buttered toasts with jam, eggs (scrambled eggs for me) and a sweet hot drink (tea, coffee or chocolate, as you wish). Bon appétit!

petit déj gourmand

3. Having a long shower or even a bubble bath! Replace the daily chore of washing yourself by a real moment of relaxation. Being able to take all your time will revive you magically!


4. Going to the cinema in the morning! No queue, the rooms are clean and not overcrowded, you have plenty of choice to sit… It’s perfect to enjoy the movie you want in peace!

cinéma matin

5. Taking a novel, a magazine or newspaper and reading it in a nice quiet park! Reading for pleasure is an activity that we don’t have time to practice when we work, and even less in an idyllic setting. The world is yours, enjoy!


6. Running by choice! By the time people are locked in their office, you’re free to run wherever you want, without stress, without time limit. Enjoy the sun,  fresh air, freedom and clear your head!


7. Doing your shopping by avoiding rush hour! What a joy to be able to avoid stock-outs, grumpy and impatient people, not to mention long lines!


8. Affording to take a nap! Living on easy street is so tiresome, you’ve earned a little rest! Enjoy this moment of relaxation. It’s not happening every day!

nap cat

9. Getting a haircut without appointment! The hairdresser will not be overbooked so he will treat you like a star. Let yourself be pampered!


10. Cooking what makes you happy! For once you have time, it would be a shame to eat frozen food. Take the opportunity to pamper your taste buds! There is nothing better than home cooking…


Hope these  tips will allow you to enjoy your day off. Have a lovely day 🙂


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