The survival kit that every girl should have!

Hello girls!

As you can imagine, we are known to have a messy handbag and in many cases, when we dig in, we never find what we need! What a nightmare…  To prevent you from being caught unawares, here is the survival kit to have with you!

1. Tissues! Cold, runny nose, unexpected tears or napkin shortage…you never know what can happen in a day! And in general, it’s always when you need it that you are short of tissues!


2. An antibacterial gel! After touching the metro bar or when you cannot wash your hands, you’d better have something to clean yourself! It’s a matter of hygiene.

gel antibactérien

3. Plasters! We are never safe from a scratch. Prevention is better than cure!


4. Paracetamol! It’s perfect to fight against fever, headaches or stomachaches. Who knows, you could even save someone in pain!


5. Contraceptive pill! Better to always have it at hand to deal with the unexpected and avoid forgetting to take it!


6. Smartphone charger! Battery chargers are more than welcome nowadays. There is nothing worse than being cut off from the rest of the world!


7. A spare pair of tights! Torn tights accidents happen all the time. Now you will always be equiped! This will save you from stress, trust me.


8. A pair of flat shoes! High heels are sexy but better have a comfortable pair of shoes in case if you don’t want to go home on one leg!


9. Chewing gums! Very convenient to have fresh teeth after lunch or before a date…

chewing gum 2.JPG

10.Cotton buds! They will be your best ally to clear your makeup running down or to clean your ears if needed…

coton tige

11. Mini sprayer! Perfume bottles are too cumbersome. Opt for a mini sprayer to smell good at any time of the day!

adopt spray

12. Deodorant! The “stay fresh” insurance whatever happens…


13. A pocket mirror! Always useful to check if there is nothing stuck between your teeth and if your makeup is still fine.


14. A mini makeup kit! Mascara, kohl pencil, concealer and lip balm are essential to refresh your look.

mini trousse

15. A mini hairbrush and hair elastics! Never underestimate the usefulness of these accessories. Tousled hair are a nightmare. Don’t let them mess your look!

mini brosse

16. A tweezer! It’s always useful to retouch your eyebrows or to remove a splinter…

pince épiler

17. A little notebook and a pen! In case you would have a brilliant idea or important information to be noted…

notes 3

18. Your ID and credit card! They could save your life so never forget them!


19. The paper list of your main phone contacts! In case you phone runs out of battery and you forgot your charger. It’s easy to borrow a phone but harder to remember your numbers!


20. Candies and a chocolate bar! Better to have the dose of sugar in case you would have hypoglycemia…


Hope this list will help you. Have a nice weekend 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the list. It is very helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re welcome ! 🙂


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