Short story number 36: “Make a wish…” Part 4

Dear readers,

Here is the fourth and last part of my thirty-sixth short story, enjoy reading!

Make a wish…


The rollerblading episode…

Today I went shopping with Cerise again but this time it was not for a fashion project. As I am not a little girl anymore, I needed to buy a new pair of inline skates. A seller advised me to take fitness rollerblades. Equipped with four wheels inline, they are often provided with a braking system in the rear, and they are ideal for gliding on flat ground. I chose a stylish pair of fitness rollerblades designed by Fila. They are black and gray with a little touch of pink. As Cerise cares about my safety and does not want me to hurt myself before our next charity fashion show, she insisted that I buy elbow pads, kneepads and an adult inline skate helmet. Let’s start with the helmet!

-“How do I look?

I think this helmet is too big for your head! Have you already fixed the strap?

I set it to the maximum!

It’s not good, Rhé.

– Give me another one, Cerise!… Crap, why are they all too big for me?!

Don’t blame the helmets, honey. Your head is too small!

Haha, thank you! How am I supposed to do?

You’re not gonna be happy with that but I’m afraid you have to take a junior helmet!

Do I have the choice?

You can choose between yellow chick, green apple and pink candy!

Why do they have only bright colors?!

Because people can see you more easily, it’s safer and kids don’t wear black!

True… Yellow is the color of cuckolds so no thanks… And I will have too many different colors if I take the green one.


Only pink will match my inline skates. I take this one!

Good. Try it for me please!

Please don’t laugh!

Oh my god!

What? Don’t tell me I look like a Barbie doll!

Actually, you look ten years younger but it suits you well… You’re still pretty, it’s incredible!

Are you sure?

Have I already lied to you about your look?



Luckily I’m not blond. It would have been too much with the pink helmet!

You’re telling me… Long live brunettes!

Haha, I hope they have decent colors for kneepads and elbow pads!

They have some in light gray.

Perfect! I am ready for training!…”

After leaving the sports shop, we meet Kyla and Roland at Bercy Village to eat a New York Bagel and share two yummy cheesecakes under the pretext that we are going to play sports in the skating park after. Kyla, Cerise and Winnie are not experts in inline skating either but they are very supportive.

Kyla was there to introduce me to green clay facial treatments, accompany me to the swimming pool, help me find a portraitist and encourage me to go to the movies. Cerise helped me tremendously in renewing my wardrobe, preparing my photo shoot and choosing my rollerblade equipment, not to mention that she was always available to a running session! About Roland, he pushed me to achieve my first homemade macaroons, we made nice walks in Paris, I had a fake autograph of Marc Levy and I got a glimpse of science fiction novels through his indirect assistance… I can not believe that I was able to meet so many challenges in so little time, it’s amazing!

Now we are discovering the joys of skating in the park. I must be the only adult to be equipped like a child but who cares? I have the feeling that being nearly twenty-five made me bolder, pushed me to accomplish more projects and allowed me to enjoy life more fully. With my friends having my back, I feel able to face my fears. I am not afraid to fall anymore. Rollerblading is rather fun actually and we even planned to participate in a road skating when we will have enough progressed. Challenges are so exciting, I like that!…

The Eiffel Tower and American kiss episode…

Ever since I have my cinema card, I had the opportunity to see Liam several times and we even attended the première of the latest film where DiCaprio was Oscar winner! Every time we meet, I want to take a chance on him but I always end up chickening out at the last minute so our outings invariably end with a kiss on the cheek and I go home hating myself! Today I decided to take my courage in both hands so after our cinematic ritual, I asked him if he wanted to accompany me to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Liam has never visited the Iron Lady either and he accepted for my greatest happiness!

For those who think that going to the Eiffel Tower is a luxury pleasure that costs an arm and a leg, know that you are wrong. If you are still young and healthy and that you are not afraid to climb the stairs until the second floor, the entry ticket only costs five euros for under twenty-five and seven euros for the normal fare. After, if you wanna reach the top of the Eiffel Tower, only by elevator, you have to pay an extra ticket. And I can tell you that six extra euros to access a heavenly view of Paris is a bargain price!

With its transparent floor and its glazed railings, the first floor offers a unique experience of the void and a breathtaking view. And moving on the glass floor at 57 meters from the ground literally gives us the feeling of walking above the void, it’s incredible!

The second floor is also magical since it offers a magnificent panoramic view of Paris! There is also a well of vision providing a bird’s eye view of the ground. This is an opportunity to take pictures out of the ordinary but if you have dizziness, abstain. 

We have just got into a glass elevator and the ascent to the top is simply spectacular! After flowing for 180 meters to the top, the City of Lights is ours in all its glory. We have the feeling to be the kings of the world. There are even a champagne bar and a measuring rod to compare your size with the Eiffel Tower, this is awesome!

Standing side by side, Liam and I are enjoying the marvellous panoramic view with a glass of rosé champagne in hand.

-“To our dreams!

It looks like we’re playing in a romantic comedy!

Haha, that’s true. The scenery is set, we have champagne…

– Thank you for accompanying me here.

You’re welcome.

Excuse me, can I get your glasses?…”

While the waiter walks away with our empty glasses, we can not help but laugh.

-“Do you think he wanted to help us out or he was afraid that we steal the glasses?

Both reasons are equally effective!

True. So, did you manage to achieve all your wishes?

Most of them.

What do you still have to accomplish?…”

I do not know if it’s being at the top of the Eiffel Tower that gave me wings but I decided to put my shyness completely out of my mind and finally dared to kiss the man that I liked and it was good. Liam did not rejected me, he just smiled, took me in his arms and kissed me in turn. We continued to kiss until the sun sets and I came home with a smile on my lips…


My birthday finally arrived. I finished my twenty-four year old beautifully and I am ready to face my quarter of century. The challenges of my list allowed me to give the best of myself and to make possible what I thought impossible. At twenty-five, I feel finally ready to grow up even if I continue to behave like a kid from time to time. I remain true to myself, to my dreams and to what matters in my life. Liam was not just a challenge, we are still together and I intend to take care of our story and to continue to make us move forward together. I am not afraid of ending up alone anymore. All I want is to continue to embrace life to the fullest.

-“Happy birthday Rhéa! It’s time to blow out your candles. Make a wish…”

thanks 4

Hope you enjoyed this short story. Have an awesome weekend! 🙂




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