Short Story number 36: “Make a wish…” Part 3

Dear aspiring writers,

Here is the third part of my thirty-sixth short story, enjoy reading!

make a wish_jar.jpg

Make a wish…

The cinema episode…

-“Oh my god, this is the last year that we are entitled to reduced rates at the movies!

What do you mean, Kyla?

This year will be the one of our quarter of century, Rhé! And privileges of the popular world stop when you are twenty-six. Have you already forgotten?!

– Of course not! How could I forget? My birthday is coming in less than a month. You’re so lucky that yours is on December! And if you had waited one more day to be born, you could have won an extra year of youth!

Haha! Stop being silly…  Having my birthday at the end of the year is not a good thing. People only think about New Year and they’re usually too drunk for sparing a thought for me! That’s why I always celebrate my birthday in advance… And let me tell you something: if I were born in 1992, we would never have been in the same class and we wouldn’t be friends by now! So thank me for having forced my mum to give birth in December!

You’re right, sorry baby… Which movie should we watch?

You didn’t go to the movies since “Fifty Shades” so I think we have plenty of choices!

What do we have?

Look, there is a thriller!

Which one?

“Spotlight” with Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams!

Sounds good, let me see the synopsis… Oh gosh, it deals with pedophile priests, no thanks! Let’s find another one! What about “Pattaya”? I think it’s a bit like “The Hangover”… Must be funny, no?

My brother told me there’s an explosion of poop at the end, it’s not for me!

Yuck, it’s not for me either…

Look at this one: “Hail, Caesar!” It’s with George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum…

Wow, it’s the top of the crop!

– Are you ok with that? It’s a comedy!


– …Oh crap, it’s sold out!

Wait… There are still seats for “Zootopia”!

What’s that?

It’s a Disney movie full of cute animals! 

Oh my god, I haven’t seen any Disney film since “Frozen”! Let’s go for it!…”

Later, in the movie room…

-“Rhé, I think I saw Liam in the room!

– Really?

I never forget a pretty face… Oops, sorry.

What? Do you have a crush on him?

It’s not that. There is a child next to him.

Kyla, it’s a Disney movie! So don’t be surprised if there are kids!

I think it’s his son. Look, they are sharing popcorn!

Oh my god, do you think he is married?

That’s not the biggest problem, Rhé. He’s a dad.

Are you sure? Maybe he’s just babysitting the kid of a friend. Do you see a girl next to him?

No… There’s a guy…and they’re laughing together!

A gay dad, thank you!

Are you homophobic?!

Of course not since I like him! Gosh, this guy is so lucky! I don’t wanna stay, I feel upset… Let’s go!

What about the movie?! Think of your list, Rhéa! You are supposed to go to the cinema more often, don’t break your wish, please!

Fine. It’s just because it’s a Disney movie and because I don’t want to leave you alone.

Thanks. Forget about Liam, just relax and enjoy the film!


In the end, I do not regret for staying. “Zootopia” is probably one of my favourite Disney movies now. The filmmakers have shown incredible talent by humanizing animals, Shakira has even reincarnated as a gazelle, the film is full of nods to modern society and consumer products, gags are hilarious, the story is catchy… Everyone stayed until the end of the credits, this is the first time I see this! 

While I am heading out with my best friend, a familiar voice calls out to me! Liam! Accompanied by the little boy…and the guy who sat next to him. I choose to take a casual tone:

-“Liam! What a surprise!

Hey girls! I was sure it was you.

What are you doing here?

I was hanging out with Pierre-Emmanuel when my sister asked me if I could watch my nephew this afternoon, so we decided to go to the movies… Pierre, here are my friends Rhéa and Kyla.

Hey, nice to meet you…

And this is Matthew, my nephew!

You can call me Matt.

Ok, Matt.


We planned to go for hot chocolate. Do you want to join us?…”

Needless to say that we immediately accepted. Actually, Kyla was all wrong! Pierre-Emmanuel is just a good friend of Liam, nothing more. I felt relieved when I heard Pierre talking on the phone with his girlfriend. And Matt was adorable and not capricious at all for a six year old. Over the discussion, I managed to learn that Liam is heterosexual and single, not to mention that he has a movie theater subscription. It was enough to convince me and I subscribed to the unlimited cinema card on the following day. It will allow me to honor my wish and make savings while having an excuse to see Liam. Life is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?…

The bookshop episode…

Today I decided to go to Fnac store instead of reading magazines. I remember I used to read a lot of novels of Marc Levy when I was eighteen and I recently fell in love with his books again. This guy is the specialist in romance and literary escape. For now, I only buy pocket books because the other editions are too expensive and I do not like large formats.

-“Rhé, look, there is a book signing upstairs!

For which author, Winnie?

I don’t see well, people are blocking the views! It’s for the new novel of Mark something… It starts with “L” and “e”!

Oh my god, it’s certainly Marc Levy! Come here, Roland, we have to queue!

– But you don’t even have his latest book!

Never mind, I have the penultimate one, he won’t see the difference!

And what about me? I don’t even belong to his readers!

Who cares? Stay with me so we can keep talking. Don’t worry, there are plenty of people coming accompanied!

It’s only because it’s you!

– Thank you. We’ll have a gourmet break after!


While we are waiting obediently in the long queue, I notice that there are a lot of men among the readers. Oddly, many of them speak English. Tourists probably. Finally, it is not so surprising. Marc Levy has an international reputation and he often evokes London or San Francisco in his books. I am glad to see that his books are not only appreciated by women. It annoys me when guys say that his novels are designed for midinettes! That’s nonsense, you can not compare his brilliant writings to Harlequin novels!

When it is almost our turn to approach the writer, I have a shock. It is a complete surprise to me, not for Roland since he does not even know who my favourite writer is. Marc Levy became blond with curly hair, he wears green geek glasses and he looks twenty years younger! Do not worry, I can assure you immediately that this man did not do plastic surgery. He does not look like Marc Levy for the simple reason that he is not Marc Levy! I have just stood in line for two hours to have an autograph of…Mark Lewis, young American writer of science fiction and author of the new best seller “The fifth door of the black star galaxy”! Crap. It is too late to go back and I do not want to embarrass him in front of his fans. Roland has already left the queue quietly. I fold the cover of “Elle & Lui” and I hurry to find an innocent blank page.

-“Hello, what’s your name, miss?

“Rhéa”. R-H-E with an acute accent-A.

That’s a lovely name!


I’m glad to see that girls also appreciate my writings.

It’s because your story speaks to everyone… I…loved your metaphors of the human world!

It’s kind of you. So, “To Rhéa”…

–  Awesome!

Do you want me to add something?

No thanks, it’s just fine. Can you just sign with your first name please?

What a strange request!

It will make the dedication less formal and more friendly…

As you wish. Should I write “Your friend Mark”?

Oh, you don’t have to!

Too late. My pleasure, enjoy your reading!

Thank you. 

You’re welcome. Oh, I love the French quote they put before introduction! Is it a new edition?

Well, I guess…

Lovely. Bye Rhéa! I was pleased to meet you.

Thank you, I was pleased to meet you too, goodbye…

Next please!…”

As I felt guilty, I felt obliged to buy the book of Mark Lewis because he was really nice to me. And at the end, I really liked his novel, it allowed me to change of literary register. Don’t worry, Marc, I will keep reading your books!…

to be continued 2

Hope you enjoyed this third part. I’m still working on the rest of the story. See you soon 🙂


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