Once upon a time…

Hello poetic souls!

Here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!

love story

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a little girl

Who dreamed of a bright future,

She had a beautiful smile as bright as pearls

And she pictured herself as a princess with a gorgeous dress Haute Couture.

Once upon a time there was a little boy

Who dreamed of becoming a brave knight,

He wanted to foil any ploy

And save a pretty young lady stuck in a plight.

Once upon a time there was a young couple

Who thought that nothing could separate them,

They lived happily in their bubble

And both of them thought that they had found the gem.

She fell under the spell of his brown rebellious locks,

His beautiful hazel eyes and open smile,

She really loved their endless talks,

Their childish challenges and his sense of repartee full of style.

He had fallen for her long hair soft and silky,

Her gorgeous look and her oriental charm,

He loved when she was pretending to be cheeky,

He used to challenge her in fighting games before taking her in his arms.

One day the fairy tale shattered,

The prince and the princess had a huge fight,

The love that bound them no longer matters,

Darkness has replaced all the bright.

In fairy tales, everything works out like magic,

Despite the hardships, the two heroes stick together,

They never end up in the tragic

And their story lasts forever. 

All stories begin with “once upon a time”,

You know how it starts but you never know how will be the end,

The mountains are steep but you know that you can climb, 

Keep the faith and work on your story, there is nothing that you cannot attain…

thanks 17

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Have a lovely weekend 🙂


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