10 things Parisian girls have done at least once in their life!

Hello world!

As you know, Parisian girls are amazing and incredibly resourceful! Here are 10 things that every Parisian worth of the name has already done at least once in her life, enjoy!

1. Going to a Mcdonald’s just to go to the bathroom for free! It’s more discreet than going to a bar or a Starbucks and it keeps you from giving one euro to a toilet attendant!


2. Going to Sephora for make-up retouching and perfume without anyone noticing! It saves your life when you forgot to bring your makeup bag and your pocket spray! Plus, it’s an opportunity to sprinkle expensive perfume! Dior, Givenchy, Chanel…what do you prefer?


3. Pretending to get your (empty) wallet out of your bag so your date offers to pay for you as if by magic! It keeps you of being taken for a venal girl or a little pest who thinks she is a princess… Selfless girls make generous boys!

paying date

4. Buying another coat when you have a scrappy button! It’s not your fault if you don’t know sewing and it would be sad if you catch a cold!


5. Buying a pair of shoes in a panic because of a shoe accident! Broken heel, broken strap, perforated sole…who has never experienced this kind of hassle in the street? See, shopping can be totally rational!

broken shoes

6. Buying a new shirt before an interview because you’re too lazy to iron! A good dress presentation is paramount. It would be a shame to fail the interview because of a wrinkled shirt, don’t you think?

chemise.jpg7. Pretending not to speak French when someone bothers you in the street! Flirty fop, Representative Association, provincial tourist…all are valid reasons! Sorry but Parisian people are very busy, they can’t respond to everyone.

what did you just say

8. Changing wagon at the next stop because there is a smelly tramp or a suspicious individual in the metro! Life is too short to die of asphyxiation or to endanger foolishly. Safety comes first!

save yourself

9. Pretending to pass by chance just to enjoy a free tasting! Starbucks beverage samples are my favourite ones. Hey, we must help them in their consumer research!

starbucks samples

10. Pretending we got a metro problem when in fact we just took our time and left late! Everyone knows that the metro is a victim of permanent dysfunctions. Who would dare to contradict us?


Hope you enjoyed this article. Have a nice evening 🙂


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