My 10 favourite quotes from “La femme parfaite est une connasse!”

Hello girls!

As you know, the pressure on women is increasingly strong nowadays. We must both be beautiful, thin, funny, dynamic, intelligent, cook like a chef, be good in bed, be a good adviser, keep smiling no matter what, always smell good, have a flawless manicure…in short we have to be literally perfect, which is impossible in the long term. Those who have tried quickly end up giving up, unless they are robots or masochistic creatures! Fortunately, the French twin sisters Anne-Sophie and Marie-Aldine Girard created for us the essential bible to fully live our imperfections without guilt, all served with a more than enjoyable humor! Here are my 10 favourite quotes from their book La femme parfaite est une connasse! (English title: “The Perfect Woman is an Idiot”, A Survival Guide for Imperfect Women). Enjoy!

la femme parfaite

1.“A girl who doesn’t get fat is a girl who doesn’t eat.”

2. “Because accepting your imperfection makes you closer to richness.”


  1. Alone with your cat
  2. With your ex and his new girlfriend (a gorgeous Brazilian who is 20)
  3. The only single girl among couples
  4. With people who do not drink alcohol
  5. When you vomit at 11:57 pm”

4. “Rule # 5: Never wear a white coat. (Are you kidding me?! Even in a black coat, you manage to stain the sleeves!)”

5. “You will stop running tape water to create a diversion when you’re going to the bathroom… No one is fooled!”

6. “- You shouldn’t drink cow’s milk because you’re not the baby cow!

Oh! Because you’re the baby soy, perchance?”

7. “Prince Charming is an asshole! Because just like the Perfect Woman…he doesn’t exist.”

8. “The theory of indifference doesn’t work! We have never seen a guy that we have ignored all night come to see us and say: “Hey! I noticed that you had not noticed me… and consequently I am madly attracted to you!””

9. “Hurt me once, shame on you! Hurt me twice, shame on me!”

10. “Rule # 10: We will stop buying a size 6.5 whereas we are a size 8 (even if the shoes are on sale!)”

Hope you enjoyed these funny quotes. This book is awesome and a second book also exists for our greatest pleasure! Have a nice day 🙂

la femme parfaite est une connasse 2.jpg


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