My review of “Peur de rien”!

Hello movie fans!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to see a French movie whose theme matches my blog: survival in Paris. Here is my review of Peur de rien, enjoy!

peur de rien_affiche

Peur de rien is a French dramatic comedy directed by Danielle Arbid with Manal Issa, Vincent Lacoste, Paul Hamy, Damien Chapelle, Clara Ponsot and Dominique Blanc. The film was released in France on February 10, 2016.

What’s the story? We are in the nineties. Lina is 18 years old and arrives in Paris to study. She is here to enjoy what she never found in Lebanon: a form of freedom. With survival instinct as only luggage, she explores the different facets of Paris thanks to her romantic encounters. Because when you are 18, you dream to embrace the world and not only one boy…

peur de rien_jean-marc

Danielle Arbid has chosen to share her vision of France, somewhat romanticized. The heroine says it herself: “We have the feeling of being in a French novel!”, and this is what makes the beauty of the film filled with romance and poetry.

The movie makes a beautiful apology of art: Lina abandons her economics classes for fascinating courses of art history, she quotes Manet and we see her walking in a museum. The director also gives pride to music by paying tribute to Franck Black and Niagara through one of Lina’s boyfriends who is passionate about rock, collects vinyl records and invites her to a concert.

peur de rien_julien

Of course, the festive side of France is not forgotten with trips in nightclubs and parties in Parisian apartments. Student social life is perfectly represented.

There’s even a nod to French gastronomy through the Parisian café, the stylish restaurant and homemade chicory gratin with ham, yum!

We are at the beginning of the nineties but the themes handled by the movie are still current: the difficulty of being an emigrant, racism, the divergences of political views, family conflicts, integration, fear of deportation, finding housing and a job, overcrowded classrooms, the transition to adulthood, love experiences, not to mention the struggle for freedom of expression and to reside on the French territory.

peur de rien_rafaël

This social film is a beautiful ode to life, love, youth and freedom. The actors are natural, convincing and endearing, especially Manal Issa who fills the screen for her first film role. I also liked the performance of Vincent Lacoste who is excellent, funny, incisive, passionate and dynamic as fireworks. And hats off to Dominique Blanc for her role as a teacher of art history, it looks like she has done it all her life!

You got it, Peur de rien is a film not to be missed! Come and discover Paris from a different angle, have a nice day 🙂

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