Happy New Year Chunky Monkeys! ^^

Hello world!

It’s official, the year of the Monkey started today. Here is a poem to celebrate Asian New Year, enjoy reading!

year of the monkey

Happy New Year Chunky Monkeys!

Last night was a fresh start for all Asian people in the world,

Goodbye Miss Goat, welcome Mister Monkey,

New Year greetings are the most precious words,

May this new year be funky!

Yesterday night, everyone dressed up,

We prepared a nice table,

It was the occasion to raise our cup

And to honor a feast very memorable.

We don’t forget the ancestors, each loved one has his picture and an incense stick burning for him,

We place a gift at the altar and offer them a short prayer,

Tet remains a celebration, you have no reason to be grim,

Your guardian angels watch over you, let’s just enjoy the moment together.

For this new year of the Monkey,

I wish you to be inspired by this amazing creature,

I wish  you to be bold and spunky,

I wish you to be skilled, smart and intelligent so you can build a bright future…

thanks 12

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Wish you all the best for this New Year of the Monkey! 😀


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