Short story number 34!

Dear aspiring writers,

Here is my thirty-fourth short story, enjoy reading!

coffee heart

Parisian romance.

Livia is twenty-seven years old and she has just moved in Paris, in Saint-Michel district. She has just been hired as a columnist for “Parisienne Trendy”, a popular women’s magazine. For the upcoming March edition, her boss Marie-Ange asked her to write an article about the difficulty of building a relationship after a long period of celibacy. Livia does not know anyone in the City of Lights and she has not experienced any romance for eight months since she dumped Jean-Louis. She realized that she was not in love with him so it was for the best. What Marie-Ange asks her equats to write the story of her own life! At least her paper will be authentic but it is already February 4 and the editorial deadline is in two weeks! Time is running out. Livia could be tempted to write a fiction but this is not the spirit of the magazine. A good journalist must investigate the field!…

Alex is twenty-nine years old. He is a Math teacher in a private school and lives alone with his dog Max in Place d’Italie district. Alex is a young divorcee. He has been married for three years but his wife left him when she discovered that she was a lesbian. Introduced like that, it feels like a TV series but this is the sad reality. Alex did not believe her but his doubts flew off when Aurélie invited him to her wedding with Samantha last year. This is the fault of fate and Forest Hill fitness center. Aurélie worked at home and spent all her free time with women during water aerobics, stretching and yoga classes while Alex was collapsing under the weight of papers to grade. Plus, she seemed indifferent to all the handsome men, whether in real life or in the movies. Even Ryan Gosling shirtless left her indifferent! Alex had been the only man she dated since high school and Aurélie’s sport sessions had awakened her true nature… Despite his shaken male pride, Alex preferred to turn the page and forget his resentment. However, his distrust and requirements towards women have increased and the young man turned into a hardboiled bachelor…

Livia would have liked to interwiew people she knows but most of her friends are in a long-standing relationship and happy so they cannot do anything to help her. Desperate, Livia decided to post an ad on Facebook without mentioning the name of the magazine and she promised to respect the anonymity of those who would testify for her paper. Finally her friend Cécile responded by private message. Cécile told her that she has a single divorced brother who lives in Paris, and she suggested Livia to contact Alex on behalf of her. Unfortunately, Alex coldly replied that he was not interested and that he would not tell the disappointments of his love life to satisfy the morbid curiosity of the readers of a frivolous magazine! Upset, Livia apologized for bothering him adding nevertheless that he had not to condemn a magazine without knowing it. She was going to stop there but ultimately refused to let herself treated like a doormat.

“Alex, I don’t know you but Cécile told me about you as being a good person. This position is my first real job, I have only done ungrateful and badly paid internships before. I have ten days to write my paper and I don’t know anyone in Paris as I’ve just moved in. My concern is not to make fun of your private life. Anyway, I don’t know anything about you, what do you want me to tell? I am a consciencious girl, I want to do my job well. That’s why I was looking for authentic opinions. This article could help people in need. I am single too so I thought that it would be interesting to have the opinion of a man in addition to my own experience. Feel free to contact me if you change your mind. Livia”

After sending her message, Livia heaves a deep sigh and decides to start a draft of her article on the basis of her own story. Problem Number 1: the lack of contacts and Parisian hostility. Livia is tapping away on her keyboard without conviction when she hears the ringing of a new message on Messenger. Alex!

“Livia, sorry if I was too harsh earlier. You’re right, I have never read your magazine so I have no right to criticize. My sister told me you needed help and as her friends should be mine too, I would like to help if it’s still what you want. Can we meet?”

Stupefied, Livia suddenly feels a breathe of hope coming over her. They agree to meet in a café and take the opportunity to get to know each other. Organized, Livia took a notebook and a pen with her. She asks Alex to speak freely and completes the interview with a few questions. When she finishes taking notes, Alex decides to play the role of the journalist as well. Coffee is quickly replaced by a cocktail, and our two friends even decide to have dinner together.  At the end of the evening, they both feel better and exchange their numbers.

Livia works on her paper day and night and texts Alex from time to time to refine her article. It does not seem to bother him and when the final version is ready, Livia offers to send him by email but Alex suggests that they meet to talk about it. The young journalist takes her laptop with her to make corrections on site. When they finally agree on every word, the evening naturally ends with a first kiss…

thanks 9

Hope you enjoyed this short story. Have a nice evening 🙂


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